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R&B Songs - Top 10 R&B Love Songs

R&B Songs or Rhythm and Blues songs are powered enough to create a wonderful mood. They can take you to a land filled with beautiful fantasies. Top 10 R&B songs are a wonderful combination of jazz and alternative music. These songs are all-time famous for their wonderful compositions.

Hone your dancing skills with beautiful R&B songs. Yes, they have the magic to get you into that mood. Let us enjoy these top R&B songs that have created history in the world of music.

Best R&B Songs

  1. "Like You'll Never See Me Again" - Alicia Keys: "Like You'll Never See Me Again" is one of the soulful creations of Alicia Keys. This song did a tremendous business and earned good fame for Alicia Keys.
  2. "I Love Your Smile" - Shanice: "I Love Your Smile" was sung by Shanice and it was released in 1991. It was acknowledged all over the world. In USA, it reached number 2 position on the Billboard Hot 100. Till date, this song is remembered as a successful hit.
  3. "And Our Feelings" - Babyface: "And our Feelings" is an all-time R&B hit. R&B lovers will definitely agree on this. Starting from lyrics to tune, this song is a perfect example of outstanding music.
  4. "If I Never Get To Heaven" - Javier: Javier received an outstanding fame for this song. Javier sang this song for his album 'Javier'. He released this album in 2003. The song won many nominations and was acknowledged throughout the world.
  5. "My First Love" - Avant & Ketara Wyatt: A great song that will surely take you to a land of dreams! "My First Love" brought loads of success for Avant & Ketara Wyatt.
  6. "I Wanna Love You" - Donell Jones: Donell Jones is a great American R&B singer. He has sung many beautiful songs. "I Wanna Love You" proved to be a great success for him.
  7. "Love" - Musiq Soulchild: "Love" is yet another beautiful song of Musiq. "Love" did a good business. Originally, the song was a Lauryn Hill song. Later, Musiq gave a special contribution to this song.
  8. "Love Shoulda Brought You Home" - Toni Braxton: It is the first solo by famous Toni Braxton. This song was later featured in the movie Boomerang. Later, it was also included in Toni Braxton's movie, 'Toni Braxton'.
  9. "Don't Let Go (Love)"- En Vogue: En Vogue got numerous awards in her career. "Don't Let Go (Love)" is one of the prized possessions of her singing career.
  10. "Love U 4 Life" - Jodeci: "Love U 4 Life" promises to entertain you with its soulful lyrics. Jodeci is one of few R&B singers that will always be known for her beautiful compositions.

To conclude, top 10 R&B songs is a wonderful compilation that can take you to a wonderful journey of sweet and beautiful music.


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