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Best Perfumes - Top 10 Perfumes for Men & Women

Floral perfumes are considered the best perfumes all over the world. In fact the history of perfumes say that floral perfumes are the first perfume category of the world and thus popular also.

Floral perfumes represent the essence of love and romance. Floral perfumes are further sub divided into different categories like floral green, floral fruity etc. Thus, know about the best floral perfumes in the world that will help you selecting the right one for your sweet heart.

Top Floral Perfumes

Paul Smith Rose:The rose is the best smelling flower of the world. Thus, no doubt floral perfume with rose scent stands in number one position. The Paul Smith Rose perfume comes with a blend of different scents like Turkish rose oil, green tea along with light sparkling smell of magnolia and violet flowers. The perfume receives its further structure and depth with fine touch of cedar. The perfume can be called as one of the most memorable one.

Woods Of Windsor True Rose: Once again, rose has occupied the second place in best floral perfumes. This delicate and cool fresh pink rose perfume offers the fragrance lovers with exotic and calming smell. The base of the fragrance comes in sensual aromatic woods, musks, regal iris.

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Cologne: The cologne features a series of notes of peppermint, cardamon, bergamot, jasmine, ylang, ylang, jasmine. The cologne is just awesome crisp and clean. With perfect blend of jasmine flower the cologne is a good choice who always looks for light smell fragrance.

Yardley English Rose: Once again rose. Yardley is known for providing best scents and fragrances of the world. This English rose perfume is one of the popular product of Yardley. The body spray gives the fragrance lover a smooth and refreshed feeling. If you want to experience exhilarating experience, Yardley English Rose should be your choice.

Marc Jacobs Perfume Daisy
Marc Jacobs Perfume Daisy: Representing happy and youthful the perfume is just perfect to represent your sophistication. The bottle will remind the user of beautiful daisy flower. It smells light, but gives you a touch of elegance.

Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia: Looking for long lasting and best perfume? Select Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia for your sweet heart and see the lovely smile on her lips. With limited edition, the perfume lacks words for description.

Gucci Rush Perfume
Gucci Rush: Gucci is a known brand by fashion lovers across the world. Presently, fragrance lovers are loving the perfumes of Gucci. Thus, Gucci Rush is creating ripples in the minds of perfume lovers. Made from the extraction of fresh peony, freesia, violet, bergamot, jasmine and carnation the perfume is long lasting.

YSL Paris D'yves Saint Laurent Perfume
YSL Paris D'yves Saint Laurent: How many of you like the smell of bouquet? Do you wish to make it for your daily wear or any special occasion? This fragrance smells like huge bouquet of flowers. The notes of the perfume include iris, violet, orange blossom all combined with rose. Perfect gift for Valentine Day.

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Perfume
Anna Sui Flight of Fancy: The combination of flower with fruity smell is one of the most favorite combination in fragrances. The fragrances has the note of magnolia, yuzu, rose blossom, purple rain freesia and litchi. Perfect gift item for Mother's Day.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum: The perfume can be called an explosion of different fragrance. It is made fro, the extracts of orchid, orange tree, bergamot, patchouli, jasmine.

Like a passionate kiss, the fragrance of Chypre perfumes lingers on your senses for a long- long time. Chypre perfumes are like that scented memory of nature which men carry in the sweet-scented corners in their mind. This rich and warm perfume engulfs the very mundane existence with a fragrance of delicious extravaganza.

Francis Coty was the pathfinder who created the'Chypre Perfume' in 1917. He originated a world of timeless classic fragrance with his marvelous creation. With time, other perfume makers have enriched the planet of Chypre fragrances. Below is a chart of the top 10 Chypre perfumes in the world for you to glide through the top layer of exquisite sensuality.

Top 10 Chypre perfumes in the world

Badgley Mischika: This perfume is the first creation of the designer duo Mark Badgley and James Mischika, a rich combo of fashion and glamour it combines the elegance of musks, fruit aromas of red berries, cassis and peach , jasmine, warm notes of amber, patchoilui, caramel and sandalwoods.

Coco Madmoiselle Perfume
Coco Madmoiselle: This new wonder from the house of Chanel is a tribute designed for the sensual self of a woman; it's an accolade to Gabrille Chanel's colorful dual persona. This sparkling Chypre fragrance, one of the top ten Chypre perfumes in the world is enlaced with the top notes of bergamot and orange, middle note of rose and jasmine and a sensual end with vetiver and patchouli.

Darling Perfume
Darling: This is a creation for the glamorous Australian singer Kylie Minogue. It's a wonderful floral fragrance combining the strength, talent and sensuous charm of a brilliant woman with a luxurious top note of lychee, freesia and passion fruit, middling with boronia and lily with a sensual basenote of amberwood, sandalwood and vanilla.

Lovely Liquid Satin: This chypre perfume with a liquid satin feel on the perfects points on a silky skin gives a sensation of mellow sensuality. This seductive alcohol free, silicon laced formula opens with scents of apple martini, rosewood, lavender and mandarin. The middle note contains narcissus, orchid and patchouli. The perfume ends with the note of musk, white amber and cedar. This is a perfect tooper in the list of top ten chypre perfumes in the world.

Aromatics Elixir: This exquisite perfume is a creation of Clinique and is a swirl of aromatic sensations opening with chamomile, geranium, clary sage and verbena, the heart is sprinkled with rose, tuberose ylang ylang and jasmine with a dry down note of patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss.

Bryant Park: A fashionable Chypre perfume is of Bond No 9's creation, the scent is described as "an oasis of unflappably serene greenery, improbably nestled in a canyon of skyscrapers", it is a concoction of passionate notes of rhubarb, pink pepper and lily of the valley. The ardent middle note consists of patchouli and rose with a fine ending note of amber and raspberry.

Amariage Mariage: This is a creation by Givenchy which captures the emotional hues of the wedding day. This travels back to the joyful days of gala wedding swathed in heady scents of bridal bouquets. The top layer of this perfume sparkles with bitter orange and bergamot, the middle notes consist of delicious floral notes of jasmine, cinnamon and magnolia and the finishing touch is sensual with benzoin, sandalwood and patchouli.

DKNY Be Delicious: This ready to wear perfume by Donna karan is one of the top ten chypre perfumes in the world. She used the fruit of Eden to symbolize innocence, freedom and sensuality. This subtly provocative American perfume is a combination of floral and fruit essence. The initiating note is unique with magnolia, apple, grapefruit and cucumber. Rose, violet, tuberose and white lily-of-the-va lace the core and the base note consists of white amber, sandalwood and white wood.

Ange au Demon: This Givenchy perfume is a strange combination of the luscious devil and the pure angel. This smell lures you like a seductive mystic woman through unknown scented paths. It's a delicious combo of crystal clear purism and dark musky carnal desire. The top note of the strange dual scent consists of safran, thym blanc and mandarine. The hub tempts the senses with ylang ylang, fleur de lys and orchidee. The paradox ends with oak absolute, pallisander wood, tonka bean and vanilla.

Red Delicious Men: This perfume by Donna Karan gives a chance to sink your teeth into the satin feel of sensation. The savory top notes excite sensations with cardamom, bergamot, ozone, cognac, rum and mandarin. The sensuous core consists of apple liqueur, davana, orchid, saffron and coffee absolute. The dry down finishing touch is given by moss, vanilla, sandalwoods and other woods.

Romantic scents have the power to set the stage for a perfect romantic evening. Scents can go a long way in heightening the feelings of romance and passion. Top 10 romantic scents accentuate the feelings of desire and warmth shared by two people in love. These perfumes go a step ahead in intensifying the feelings of togetherness.

Woo your partner with an enchanting smell of romantic perfumes. The invigorating charisma of these scents will draw him /her closer to you. Enjoy a timeless companionship with a rich collection of top 10 romantic scents.

Today, you have many choices available for romantic scents. From strong smell to soft and subtle smell, you can get limitless options to add a spark to your personality. Here is a list of top 10 romantic scents that promise to glorify your relation.

Top 10 Romantic Scents

L'air du Temps: It was Nina Ricci who launched his perfume exclusively for women in year 1948. Today, its flavors range from rosewood and neroli to peach. It is a timeless flavor in the world of perfumes and remains the favorite of many women till date.

Joy Perfume
Joy: One bottle of Joy is supposed to contain 10,600 Jasmine and 28 dozen roses. A great creation of Jean Patau, Joy has captivated many hearts till date.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her perfume
Narciso Rodriguez for Her: 'Narciso Rodriguez for her' is a blend of solar musk, orange blossom, vanilla, and honey. It was launched in 2005 and has gathered a good popularity since then.

Chloe Perfume
Chloe Perfume: Known to be a luxurious fragrance Chloe was introduced in the year 1975. It is known to contain a mix of jasmine and honeysuckle.

Rose 31: Rose 31 is a perfume made for both men and women and was launched in 2006 in the New York City. Rose 31 consists cumin, rose, clove, vetiver, and gaiac wood.

Beautiful: Estee Lauder launched this perfume in 1985. Beautiful has taken its inspiration from the fresh fragrances of rose, jasmine, and carnation. It is further enhanced by the accents of peaches, plums, melons, and citrus.

Tresor Perfume
Tresor: This is a Lancome product launched in the year 1990. Tresor's flavor carries an influence of lilac and apricot.

Cristalle: Introduced in the year 1974, Cristalle was launched by the famous Chanel. You can easily identify a rich blend of mandarin, lemon, and citrus.

Fracas: Fracas is the favorite of many well-established women such as Carolina Herrera and Madonna. Fracas was introduced in the year 1948 by Robert Piguet. Jasmine, Gardenia, White Iris, Orange, Sandlewood, Musk, and Vetiver have contributed in the making of this wonderful fragrance.

S-Perfume 100% Love by Sophia Grojsman: S-Perfume contains the extracts of incense, dark chocolate, rose, and red fruits.

To conclude, romantic scents have a great power to make your partner fall in love with you over and over again. All you need is a right choice or selection. We hope our collection of top 10 romantic scents will make the task easier for you.

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