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Top 10 Not To Do Things While Kissing

Romance is a tricky thing at first – you never know what’s right for your partner when the passion gets turned up, right?  Well, as you lean in to lock lips, keep the top ten “not to do” things while kissing in mind.

Nothing quite makes the moment lose all its flavor quite like falling into the unromantic trap of a bad move. Do it enough times and you may even be searching for another relationship soon! Avoid the items on this list of tips and you will be well on your way to exchanging some of the hottest kisses in history:

Clicking Teeth


When it comes to kissing, there is great value in softness and delicacy, which is why banging together your choppers is such a turn off.  Apart from the nasty sound of two sets of teeth clanging against each other, it can be quite painful.  If you notice it happens as a pattern, consider slowing down on the approach – in your eagerness to land your smooch, you might be coming in too fast.



Looking Elsewhere


Though it is absolutely acceptable to open your eyes from time to time while you lock lips with your sweetie, it’s a major problem if you are doing it to take in the sights around the room.  If he or she happens to have a glance too, you might give the impression you are bored – or worse.  You can effectively douse the flames of passion by giving your partner the impression you would rather be doing anything else in the world, even if its unintentional.



Letting Your Hands Wander Too Far


The kiss, simple and straightforward as it often is, naturally acts as the gateway to more physical expressions of affection.  Yes, you should embrace your honey with all the passion you have, yet be mindful of reaching for something that makes him or her uncomfortable.  The most obvious example, of course, would be areas of arousal but you should also consider physical features he or she is self-conscious about – say, “pudgy” knees or love handles.



Getting Aggressive with Your Tongue


Without a doubt, the French have made a name for themselves by instructing the world in the art of great kissing, yet some people use it as a license to send their tongues on an exploratory mission of their partners’ mouths.  Bad idea!  If you are in there like a jack hammer, you will be alone again soon.



Sucking On a Lip


This tip carries with it a caveat: a gentle bit of suction on your sweetheart’s lip might be an incredible turn on.  In fact, executed properly, it adds a tantalizing wrinkle to your make out sessions.  However, if you attack with the pressure of a household vacuum cleaner, you might end up bruising your honey’s lips or bursting some blood vessels.  This is painful and, in most cases, means you will be waiting for a full recovery before you can kiss again – if you get the chance.



Arriving with a Mouthful of Saliva

Let’s be honest, the “not to do” list on kissing could go well beyond just ten items, but there is something about a sloppy wet smooch that makes everyone feel queasy.  That’s not to say that moisture isn’t necessary to avoid a dry mouth, but the only people allowed to bring a bucket load of saliva to a kiss are those who don’t know how to do it right – toddlers.


Have a problem?  Do a quick swallow before you go in for the kill.  You and your honey will be amazed by the difference.



Bringing Out Your Inner Vampire


Nobody deserves to be bitten on the lips – ever.  Yes, you will find occasions when a playful nibble is appropriate, but a full-on chomp on your partner is a no-no until you are absolutely certain it is welcome.  (For some, it will be.)  When it is unwelcome, you will find yourself alone pretty fast, no matter how much your date said she liked Twilight.



Squeezing Too Tight

There is an art to understanding how close to pull your sweetie in those passionate moments.  Much like a bird in your hand, it takes the correct amount of pressure – too little makes it seem like you are going through the motions, while too much gives the impression you are trapping him or her.  It is far worse to do the latter, though, because it restricts airflow and causes claustrophobia.  In those moments, you both want to feel relaxed, not imprisoned.



Carrying On for Too Long

Kissing is one of the best things you can do.  (It’s science.)  It can be soothing.  It can be enlivening.  If you keep doing it for hours on end, it can be boring – and painful.  Knowing when enough is enough will help the two of you maintain a freshness to your relationship.  Even in the early stages, when your passion precludes conversation a lot of times, this is a big “not to do” that gives the appearance you are only after one thing.



Ignoring Your Partner


“How could I forget about my sweetheart?  He’s right there!”  Well, the greatest secret of the world’s best kissers is the understanding they develop of the person they are locking lips with.  When you are in the early phases of a relationship and just learning how to kiss each other, there is a bevy of information to be gained.  Chances are your partner will give you clues to what he or she likes – mirror them.  And, once you’ve figured out some of the hot spots, go in search of more.


Find ways to tempt and tease – your sweetie will be begging for another kiss as soon as possible!


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