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Romantic One Liners


1. Let me be the shimmer of dusk, let me be the peace of dawn. Let me be the love that blossoms in rain, let me be that everything from which you refrain.

2. Your love for me isn’t a short fling, it isn't something that will fade away with spring, it is a gold that always blings and we are tuned forever like guitar strings.


3. Please don’t say goodbye without a smile, i know you’ll come back in a while, because our’s is something for keeps, it is far from being fragile.


4. Loving you can cost me my life, but when I look into your eyes, i feel you are worth the sacrifice!

5. As i wake up with the sun’s first beam, seeing you by my side seems no less than a dream.

6. Don't know what is it that gives me a high? Oh, its your presence that brings me to sigh!

7. We share a bond that no one can break, having you in my life is like an icing on the cake, and if it is a dream, i never want to be awake!

My4. Love for you isn't Unconditional. It has 3 conditions, be mine, just mine and only mine.

9. Spending life without you, is like a double edged knife. All i can do is to thank you for adding some more years to my life.

10. It is the warmth of your hug that breathes life in me!