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Top 10 Interesting ways to check the Loyalty of Your Partner

1. If he Hides his texts from you: Have you ever faced this situation when your partner tries to hide his texts or call history from you? If it has happened for you quite a few times in your relationship, you must get alert and keep a check on his day to day activities. A loyal guy is never hides his messages and texts from his partner.

2. If he comes late on daily basis: Are you annoyed of his habit of coming late everyday? In this situation, you must get your facts right. Ask him to explain why he keeps on getting late everyday. If the reply is not satisfying enough, make him feel that you are pissed of by these activities.


3. If he shows affection in excess: However, it is always a pleasant experience for a girl when his guy makes her feel special and shows that care. But what if he goes over the top and shows love in excess all the time? To avoid any kind of mishap, keep a check on his activities when he is not with you.


4. If he sleeps without interacting with you much: Every evening you wait for him to come back home and sit near by you for a chat. And if it doesn't happens, you get disappointed and sad. In this situation, you must observe him and find out is it really the work pressure or something else?

5. If he doesn't takes you out often: Suddenly all outings with your boyfriend or husband came to an end? Does he gives the same reason every time you ask him for a day out? If yes, don’t take it lightly and confront him when required.

6. If his phone beeps a lot in night: Suddenly his phone is beeping too much late in night and he doesn’t even allows you to check the messages and calls? This ensures the 70% possibility that he is having an affair outside the marriage. Keep a check regularly.

7. If he doesn't picks your random calls: Does he tries to keep you happy all the time? If you feel he is behaving larger than life, call him when he is not around and find out what he is up to. Not just one, you should do it more often.

8. If he goes missing even on sundays: Are you annoyed because he leaves you alone even on holidays? It seems you are in real trouble. If he leaves you home every sunday and goes out sighting professional reasons, confront him right away.

9. If you observe mood swings: Does he switches his moods a lot these days? If yes, find out why he is doing so and how often he does it. There are chances that he is facing some problems at workplace, but that doesn't happens everyday. So you gotta be alert.

10. If he is forgetting your birthdays more often: Now, this situation can land him up in trouble if happens time and again. If it happens once a while, then its acceptable but if he is doing it deliberately, then your relation is surely in trouble

If a girl can pay attention to all these aspects, she can surely save herself from the troubles that can spoil her love life or material bliss. To get some more ideas like this, checkout this.