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Top 10 Highly Creative Wedding Vows

One of the most difficult aspects of getting married is writing the vows—at least if you are an expressive, sensitive and emotional person. 


This is not merely a formality but a very personal sentiment to your partner.  It is not only a promise, but a personal dedication to the happiness of your true love.  Of course, modern families want to go well beyond the old standby of “in sickness and in health.” 


They want to add their own personal touch to the wedding vows and, in essence, give a personal “gift” to their partner.  What better gift is there than a personally written wedding vow to your true love?  In case you need a little help getting started, here are 10 highly creative wedding vows.


1. Personalize the vows to your relationship history

You can personalize your vows to your own unique relationship history.  Remember the final moments of the movie When Harry Met Sally…?  Harry told Sally he loved her by stating all the little, funny things that she does.  In a similar manner, you could personalize your vows.  For example, “I promise to love and cherish you, and in return, all I will ever ask from you is that you keep on calling me “Pookie” or whatever cute nickname you have come up with.


2. Relive the experience on how you first met through your vows

If you don’t want to reveal too much private information, then instead opt to relive the way the two of you first met.  Did you meet online or did you meet by serendipity?  Were you introduced by a friend or is there a funny or romantic story involved?  Then customize your wedding vows like so: Ever since I first met you at Tom and Anita’s party, I always knew we were meant for each other.


3. Put your faith into the vows

If you are a religious person and if the two of you have a shared faith it would be a great idea to express your vows in line with your own beliefs.  For instance, Christian weddings often mention faith in God as a means of maintaining a happy family life.  Judaism and Muslim weddings put emphasis on traditions and customs.  There are also Wiccan weddings, which may involve incorporating nature or other ancient symbols into the festivities.  For instance, you could say something to the effect of, “I want to live with you forever, always putting the bible’s counsel first in my life.”


4. Use light humor in appropriate places

It’s okay to use lighthearted humor in your vows, especially if it’s about the characteristics of both mates.  So as long as you never demean your partner or make the vow a running joke, humor is welcomed.  Overall, even if you do share a one-liner, it is important to conclude the vow on a serious note, one that shows your true and honest-hearted commitment to the other people.  For instance, you could say “I promise to love and respect you…and pay attention to you, even during baseball season.”


5. Steal some ideas!

It’s not against the law to steal ideas, and it’s fairly hard to prove anything when it comes to a wedding (as opposed to copyright violation via film).  So if you have difficulty coming up with romantic or poetic phrases on your own, then try reading some traditional wedding vows, as well as love poetry, romance books and even spiritual texts for an idea of how to express your feelings.  If you enjoy the sentiment, “As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters!” then you could adapt that to your own vows, saying something like “You are a beautiful flower amid many thorns.”  Share the poetry and share the love by making it all personal.


6. Talk about your partner’s positives

When in doubt, always flatter your partner.  Don’t dwell too much on yourself.  And if poetry or self-expression comes difficult then just start singing (not literally) the praises of your wonderful partner.  For instance, you could say “I solemnly swear to protect, care for and love my mate because he/she is the most intelligent, funny, kind and beautiful person I have ever met!”


7. Make your vows appropriately “public.”

Don’t make your vows too “inside” or else no one will get them.  You can allude to certain things (such as how you met, or cute little things the two of you do) but don’t go over everyone’s head.  Instead, make sure the vows are understandable to the crowd.  Keep them about one minute or so in length and make sure you emphasize the main points.  Make sure to include things the audience knows so they can smile along with you.  As in, “I am so honored to be marrying such a soulful and spiritual person,” or “I am so relieved that I fell in love with someone who was my friend first.”


8. Write about your goals together

You should know this by now!  You both have similar goals, aims and ambitions in life.  Make your vows not only about now but about the future.  For instance, you could say, “I promise to be loyal and trustworthy so that together we can create our dream home and have the family we’ve always wanted.” 


9. State some well-known but rarely explained love traditions

Not everyone gives thought to the rings, the bridal gown and all sorts of other customs.  For example, you could remind everyone in attendance that, “The ring symbolizes unending eternal love that I have for you,” or that the white gown symbolizes your partner’s “beauty, chastity and purity.” 


10. Show how your partner completes/saves/honors you

Be poetic, truthful and always positive.  For example, “No longer will we run in the rain.  We are each other’s shelter.  No longer will we be lonely…we are each other’s best friend.” 


One last caution: always trade vows with your mate before the wedding so you can both give your approval (and prevent any embarrassing reveals) and also complement each other’s sentiments.