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Wedding Night Gifts - Top 10 Wedding Night Gift Ideas

You might say that giving your spouse a gift on the wedding night is the most important gift of your life!  Sure, there will be better gifts later and possibly even the “gift” of a child that is priceless. 


However, this is the one gift that you will recall most often, whenever you think of your partner and his or her face.  So now the pressure is on!  Traditionally, grooms and brides buy each other gifts for the wedding night.  They don’t have to be pricey but should be very sentimental as this is a precious moment in the relationship. 


Gifts For Loved Ones

Don’t fret!  You don’t have to come up with a diamond from outer space.  Just borrow one of these ten suggestions, five for men and five for women. 




1. Sexy Lingerie

This idea never really goes stale because men are always dying to see their lovely wives in a sexy teddy, camisole, nightie, panties or what have you.  And this is a gift he is definitely not going to buy you (as he doesn’t want to be insensitive).  So treat him to some eye candy and buy something spicy.  For the best results, choose an outfit that you are comfortable with and that you know he will like, whether because of the color or because of what part of the body it accentuates.  And remember, you are not obligated to have sex the first night.  Sometimes just presenting the gift the day of the wedding and then trying it on the next night is a great build up to a night of passion.


2. An Adult Gift Basket

Don’t just make the night about dress—make it about sex, romance and even (gasp!) education.  Yes, an adult gift basket full of toys, supplies and a Kama Sutra or Tantra book would be a very red hot surprise that most straight guys couldn’t resist.  Don’t just stick to the most carnal inclusions; think about heated massage oils, lubricants and even gift baskets with fine wine or special perfume. 


3. Guy Jewelry

Chances are your hubby is more sentimental than he lets on.  So while it’s always fun to surprise him with sexy gifts, don’t forget the emotional pow-wow.  Buy him a ring, cuff links or a watch with a personal inscription, a pet name or a first name.  A man who loves a woman will treasure a personalized piece of jewelry as it symbolizes their special bond!  Don’t go overboard on price.  Just something that you can comfortably afford.  And hey, the more unique the jewelry piece, the more fondly he will remember it!


4. Buy him a boy’s day out

Of course, if you are marrying a big kid at heart then rest assured he will have no complaints about a ticket to a theme park, a scuba diving lesson, a surfing day, or any number of active sports.  This is an especially effective gift if your guy seems blue or pouty about not getting to do something manly and adventurous.  Butter him up with romance and then spring these tickets on him and watch him do a little dance!


5. A new gadget!

Of course, this only works if you’re dating a guy who is not already into gadgets, and doesn’t already have three iPhones.  However, for the guy who doesn’t spend all of his free money on Apple products, then an iTouch or iPhone might be a nice touch.  Then again, a camera is an even more romantic idea, as he will be able to snap photos of all your wonderful honeymoon highlights.




1. Traditional Jewelry

A pearl necklace is a traditional wedding gift, and chances are a classy and sophisticated woman will love the gift.  Of course, not every woman loves pearls so if you would rather go the jewelry route, you could choose a heart-shaped locket perhaps made from silver or gold.  However, be sure to sentimentalize it; an easy way to do this is to include a picture of the bride and groom inside the locket.  One more idea for traditional jewelry: a charm bracelet, and one charm for each year they are together from here on out.


2. A Photo Album

If you want to go the sentimental route (and a low-cost alternative, come to think of it!) then try creating your own photo album.  A photo album is a great way to accumulate a lifetime of pictures.  However, don’t simply hand your bride an empty album.  Instead, you can personalize it by including some photos of the two of you together, of your bride alone and of you alone.  You can also start the album with a love letter.  From here and onward, you can add photos to the album.  One day, you can look over these “old photos” and reminisce!


3. A Book of Poetry (or Erotica)

Just in case your wife needs a little stirring up before you get intimate, then think about indulging each other with either a book of poetry or a book of erotica.  Nice girls tend to like poetry, while wild girls like the latter, so use your better judgment here.  The point is, these books help to encourage open communication, open feelings of vulnerability, eroticism and romance.


4. An Exotic Vacation

Hey, if you want to be a big spender then maybe you should forego the new car or the diamond-studded necklace and instead pay for a romantic getaway honeymoon!  Vacation packages are not as expensive as you might think and it’s a great way to immortalize your first vacation together; that is, traveling to an exotic new location!


5. A lost childhood heirloom

If you really want to go for dashing and romantic, then why not buy a lost childhood heirloom of your sweetheart?  Whether it’s a book she remembered, a favorite movie on DVD or even a one of a kind collector’s item (that you happen to find on eBay), your blushing bride will be forever grateful.


Take these 10 tips to heart and make this night extra special!