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Top 10 Body Language Gestures to Show That You Have Fallen for Him

It is a well-known fact that most of our communication happens outside of the words we use on a daily basis. 


When you are trying to let someone know you are interested, this list of the top ten body language gestures to show that you have fallen for him will help you get the message across. 


Though most of these symbols are subconscious – just like identifying them is – knowing them ahead of time will help you manage your interaction with him. 


Even if he doesn’t realize what you are saying to him at first, he will figure it out before too long.



These are the ten best ways to let him know you’re hooked, in no particular order:


Shrinking Boundaries


It seems like such a simple step, yet minimizing the distance between the two of you is the most basic method for letting him know your heart is his to claim.  We all naturally walk around inside an invisible bubble of our own making, which is why you have to find a way to get inside his casually – even playfully – so he doesn’t get turned off feeling like you’re too aggressive.



Active Eyes


We hear it all the time, but the eyes really are the windows to the soul.  The more eye contact the two of you have over a given period, the more likely you are to connect on a deeper level.  You’ll notice, too, that when you are in a crowd, both of you will look to each other a lot – as someone tells a joke, while a friend relates an improbably story, etc. – as a way of silently communicating what you think on the issue.  It’s a quirk of human interaction you can take full advantage of.


Making Like a Mirror


When we are interested in someone, we naturally take on a posture that reflects toward them at all times.  Even the slightest turn of the shoulders toward your guy will clue him in to your heartfelt feelings.  Though you can make this too obvious, one way to show that you’ve fallen for him is to open your body towards him regardless of where you are in the room – even if you two are separated by a crowd at a large party.



Lasting Smiles

The most important of all communication tools in the body language arsenal, your grin will do much to let him know he’s nabbed you.  Think about it: how often do the two of you end up laughing, then sharing a prolonged smile long after the punch line has passed?  In every language, the smile is the easiest way to say, “I like you” or “I am friendly.”  When it continues on for an extra few seconds, though, it clearly states “I’m yours.”


Simple Touches


Much like closing the space between the two of you, reaching out and touching him is a great way to suggest you have a strong attachment.  Start by gently resting your hands on his elbow as you ask a question – he will feel important.  Move on to a half-hug as you part ways and, before long, he’ll be fully aware you have fallen for him.



Good Squeezes


When you have made the leap to a more intimate embrace, a lot can be said with time.  As you wrap your arms around each other, hold him close and allow him to feel the pressure of your arms around his torso or shoulders.  Keep him nearby until you start to notice he is pulling away – which takes a bit of finesse – and he will realize how much he matters to you very quickly.


A Tilt of the Head


Want him to know you are interested in what he has to say?  Hoping he will notice how keenly you pay attention?  Tilt your head to one side a little while he talks, it’s a sign you are looking to comprehend him far beyond the words he is spouting off.  Across cultures, this little body language gesture is like a subtle “Oh, really?  Tell me more.”  By being a thoughtful participant in the conversation, you are displaying your desire for a lasting connection.



Impromptu Posing


This might sound a bit odd, but humans act more like runway models when they are trying to make an impression than we even realize.  The reason, it seems, is that we wish to highlight our most appealing features – no different than any other animal.  Yes, you can go way past the dividing line between “socially acceptable” and “putting the whole kit and caboodle on show,” but it isn’t all that tricky – you want to be alluring instead of obvious.  The more you put on display, the more desperate and pathetic you look, so stay classy and under-the-radar.


Lingering Gazes


Though, as mentioned above, your eyes will meet fairly frequently during normal conversation to check with each other, you must periodically have a moment of sustained eye contact to get your point across.  Actors and actresses are professionals at displaying this loaded look, yet it is possible to do it without coming across as disturbing:  glance at him somewhat sideways for a second, then flash a quick smile.  He will read your message loud and clear.



Quick Appearance Adjustments


Chances are you are already wearing something you feel flatters your figure, yet you might not realize how much you are doing to keep looking your best over the course of your time with him.  Little body language gestures geared toward freshening up your appearance – tucking your hair behind your ears, making a quick check in the mirror to see how your dress looks and so on – demonstrate how much you want to put your best foot forward for him.  Again, as with animals searching for potential mates in the wild, he’ll notice you have fallen for him in short order (even if he isn’t aware of it).  He will recognize these faint signals in a flash – and probably pounce!

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