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Best Fougere Perfumes - Top 10 Fougere Perfumes in The World

Fougere stands for the meaning fern like. This is one of the family of perfumes where modern perfume are divided. In this class of fragrance The basic accord of the perfume comes with top note of wonderful lavender. Though sometimes bergamot is also used as the top note. The base note comes with coumarin and oakmoss. This category of fragrances is generally dedicated to men.

So, if your man madly loves perfumes, just make sure that you know about best fougere perfumes of the world and help your man to make individualized style statement.

Top Fougere Perfumes

  1. Paul Smith For Men Aftershave: Fashion giant Paul Smith has intended to help your man to make his style statement with Paul Smith For Men Aftershave. An aftershave lotion with a touch of sophistication, expect everything. This green and fresh fragrance has a top note of bergamot and sweet orange which is further enhanced by basil. The middle note comes with fig and violet and the end note with musk and iris.

  2. Lacoste Style In Play Aftershave: The invigorating and fresh scent for those men who want to achieve more. For competitive and active men, this aftershave is must. It is full of energy and life. With fruity open and deep base of Musk and Vetiver pick for your man.

  3. Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Fraicheur: The unusual and the enchanting aftershave provides an oriental scent. The middle note comes with cedar, bark and vanilla, The marine and the sea breeze notes gives you a rich invigorating masculine scent.

  4. Canoe: Another male fougere that will surely change the definition of masculine. Concept with nice blend of wond4erul fragrances. It includes lemon, oak moss and citrus. The perfume is sure to make your man smell breezy.

  5. Polo Sport: A perfect romantic essence for man. If you want to impress your lady love pick Polo Sport. The vibrant and woody aromas will surely make you stand apart from the crowd and she is definitely going to feel proud of you.

  6. Havana: A perfume with a touch of sensation from Aramis. The top notes has brich, coriander, juniper, tar, grapefruit and orange. The end note comes has the fineness of vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.

  7. Guerlain Mitsuoko: This sensous fougere perfume was created in the year 1919. The high note of the perfume has made it quite popualr among the men, thus making it a prefect gift for your anniversary. The perfume can be called a good blend of sweetness and headiness.

  8. Parfum d' Ete: Floral perfumes is only meant of women. This myth was broken by Parfum d' Ete. With the right combination of woody smell and flowers, it is one of the best fougere perfumes of the world.

  9. Aigner No 1: Looking for aromatic and spicy fragrance? Aigner No 1 is one of the most vigorous perfumes of the world for men that stands smartly in the list.

  10. Cool Water: Men are active, men are competitive. Thus, one must need refreshing fragrance. Made from the combination of lavender, musk and menthe gift your men Cool Water and let him stay cool forever.

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