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First Date Flowers - Top 10 Flowers on First Date

Flowers—the very illustration of that ceaseless fragrance of life, as it has been reckoned, is perhaps one of the best gift of nature to exemplify your emotion.


To say 'Sorry' or whether to wish 'Get well soon' or even to make those silent moments to speak a lot, it is the charismatic brilliance of flowers which does the wonder.


It is the very purity of the lilies, the seductiveness of the rose, the brilliance of the sunflower, the majesty of the chrysanthemum, the vibrancies of the rhododendrons which alone can speak those never spoken words. Celebrate your love with best flowers and turn your day with your beloved into a date.

Since ages women have loved to receive flower gifts. It is the symbol of life, passion, beauty and vibrancy. Make your first date a never forgettable memory. Show her your love and affection with the top 10 flowers for first date and experience the magic of falling in love.


Carnation: Emblematically known as the "Flowers of love" carnation has all the qualities to make your date with your beloved a memorable one. Carnation is the flower to demonstrate your fascination, appreciation, warmth and love for that special someone.

The delicate beauty, the reek and the innate luster of carnation therefore embellishes it as the right flower to declare that you are in love. Would you be interested to impress your Miss right in a much different way? Well then a bouquet of carnation is just the right choice to say those sweet nothings whilst staring at her watery eyes.

Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum signifies friendship. Be it the blue sheen, be it the shimmer of the lime green or the passion of the rich red color of the chrysanthemum -with its magical splendor the flower stands as the symbol of eternal friendship and loyalty. Gift her bunch of chrysanthemum on your first date and let the flowers to say all your unsaid words.

Daisy: Would you be interested to embed an ever lasting impression of the first date on her mind? Well then consider gifting her a bunch of daisies to demonstrate your admiration and praise for her. The flower stands as the typical symbol of love and loyalty. Illustrate your love and closeness in accord with the purity of the Daisies and experience the thrill of your first date.

Red Rose: Add little extra to make your first date an ever memorable one. Gift her bouquet of red roses to epitomize your passion. Red rose embodies fervor, warmth, passion and above all your undying love. Send the right message of how very very much you love her with the beautiful red roses which are definitely one of the top 10 flowers for first date.

Orchid: Epitomize your ceaseless love for your special someone. Admire her beauty. Show your emotion with these wonderful blossoms. Famous for its delicateness and understated beauty orchid is just the right flower for your sweetheart which will definitely make the first date a vibrant one.


Forget Me Not: No matter which color you choose, forget me not is just the right flower to symbolize your admiration for her on your first date. The shimmer of the flower, the effervescent color will surely make your date a lot colorful

Sunflower: Let a bunch of sunflower do the magic. The vibrant yellow flowers with their shine is the right flower for your first date to say you are splendid. Pamper her with sunflowers and experience the ecstasy of being in love''.

Primrose: I just can't stay without you'' - Yes this is exactly what this flower stands for. Unfold your emotion on the first date with a bouquet of primrose to illustrate how very much you care for her. Say a lot whilst saying nothing. Let the hue of primrose to say all your undeclared emotion.

Tulip: Be it the red tulip or the golden one, be it the purple dreams of the flower or the pink dreams of tulip it is indeed the right flower for your first date to bring that priceless smile on her face. renovation of love' as the flower stands for tulip with its prettiness and patina will make your date an event to cherish forever.

Gardenia: unfold your emotion with a bunch of gardenia on your first date. With its white dream and pulsating seethe gardenia spreads the exact message of your secret admiration for your beloved. You need not to so speak a word - let the white patina do the magic as it illustratesyou are lovely'' amidst its lustrous shimmer and appealing reek.

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