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Flirting Tips For Men

1. Build an eye-contact: Met her at a party and felt that spark? Then don’t hesitate and sit in front of her again. Try to maintain a pleasant eye contact with her. Eyes convey what all you are feeling at heart. We hope you got it right!

Flirting Tips For Men 2. The weapon is SMILE: Have you ever got attracted to a person who doesn't smiles? Yeah, it is quite impossible to bear faces without curves. So, to charm her with by your personality, give her a sweet sexy smile whenever she makes an eye contact with you.


3. Get her a drink: As a courteous guy, you must not forget her while making a drink for yourself. Ask her what she likes to drink at the party and get it for her even if she refuses due to shyness. This will impress her to an extent.


4. Start an interesting conversation: If she is the only one who caught your attention at the party and she is giving you the same kind of attention, start a conversation with her. Make sure the topic should be of her interest and she isn't getting bored. This is probably one of the most important flirting tips for men.

5. Watch out your vibes: The biggest rule of flirting and getting someone attracted to you is sending positive vibes. Make sure you are at your best behaviour and nothing negative is coming out of your mouth.

6. Ask her for a dance politely: Ok, guy need to be a bit careful here. Even if you are flirting casually with her, make sure that she doesn't feels uncomfortable with you. If you are asking her for a dance, do it with style and decency.

7. Compliment her outfit: There is no points for guessing that what a girl likes the most. Undoubtedly, a compliment. Praising her outfit and overall look in between the conversation can make her feel flattered.

8. Don’t exaggerate things: Always remember, a girl doesn't like to talk to a guy who thinks very highly of himself and shows off her wealth. so while flirting, try to be down to earth and sweet.

9. Make Sure you have dressed to impress: The very first rule of flirting is that you should know what to wear at that particular party in front of her. This can happen if your actions are already planned. Remember, a bad outfit can turn her off immediately.

10. “Show respect” Last but not the least, respect factor should always be there for a girl. All your flirting tactics will go wasted if you treat her in a substandard way.

So, all these flirting tips for men can surely make a difference in their life

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