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First Date Gifts Ideas - Top 10

You have just won a date with your partner and the feeling of being lucky still lingers on. Instead of romanticizing about the moments to come, plan your date well. Choosing what gifts to bring on a first date is the beginning. While some prefer to bring a gift on the big night, others would probably send it the following day along with a note letting them know what a great time they had.

There are some gifts that are universally loved. Just bear in mind that the gift should not be big and heavy. Anything that's small and looks great or has a lasting value will always be cherished by your date forever.

The first date is a time for you to get to know each other. So, instead of buying something awful for your partner, gift something simple and wear a relaxed look. Only then can you enjoy the moments.

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On a first date, you can just bring a single flower if you want to avoid coming on too strong. Your date will probably think that it’s really sweet of you to bring them something so pretty and fragile, and the low expense makes a single flower a great no-strings-attached gift. Just avoid red roses, as they might make you look as though you are begging for intimacy too soon.

Who can say no to delicious chocolates? The key here is to buy a small box of chocolates from a mid-to-high-end shop—avoid cheap chocolates from the corner store, as those will seem tacky. As with all first-date gifts, however, going overboard can backfire in a major way, so keep things modest.

Soft Animals:
Cute and cuddly teddy bears make great gifts to give to women in particular. Still, even with these you should remember that an enormous gift on the first date can seem overbearing. Bring a stuffed animal that is small, cute, and simplistic in its design. Stay away from toys that seem to imply commitment (none that say “I Love You,” for example).

This is a classic gift for all kinds of occasions, and is a good neutral present for a first date. Get a wine that is expensive, but not too expensive, and don’t pressure your date to open it on the same night unless they want to. If you’re worried about coming on too strong, bring a crisp white wine rather than a heavy red one.


Gifts For Loved Ones

We reiterate only because it is so important: do not get anything too expensive. A bracelet or necklace can be a nice gift, as long as you’re sure that it’s nothing that will embarrass your date on the first night. Stay away from fancy gemstones, and get some jewelry with a cute metal charm to keep things sweet and casual.

Fruit Basket
A fruit basket shouldn’t be given to your date to carry all evening, but is a good way to say “I had a wonderful time” if it is sent the next day. This also makes a great first impression if your date still lives in their parents’ home—when you arrive to pick up your date, having a gift for his/her parents can be an incredibly charming gesture.

A book is a great gift for showing that you value your intellectual side, and can be a sign to your date that you’ll both be enjoying many stimulating conversations. Be sure to avoid anything that might be political or controversial, or literature that appeals only to esoteric interests. And again, make sure the book is small enough to be unassuming.

Pay for Dinner
Traditionally, the man pays for dinner on the first date, but times have been changing in many parts of the world. Usually, the man will still expect to pay, and he can get a leg up on the game by insisting on paying before he’s even asked. A woman who wants to impress a man, on the other hand, can offer to pay her part of the check as soon as it arrives.

Origami Figures
Not everyone is an origami master, but because it is small, light, and costs more in time than money, a little paper figure is a very thoughtful gift for a first date. If you already know how to make origami, go for it—if not, look up some patterns online and fold a cute little flower, frog, or crane for your date. If you can memorize the pattern, then just bring some paper and make one for them on the spot!

Personalized Gifts

This can be just the thing if the two of you have been friends beforehand, and you want to show your date that you’ve been considerate of their likes and dislikes. Get them a gift (remember, small and inexpensive!) that reflects their interests or references an inside joke. However, do not get a gift like this if you and your date do not know each other well, as it might give off a stalker vibe.

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