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Top 10 Compliments to Be Given to Your Lover

Regardless of how often you tell someone you love them, there comes a point when you must share your feelings in a different way to get your message across. 



When you are attempting to describe your emotions, you want to make sure what you say has an impact, which is why you should choose one of the top ten compliments to be given to your lover. 


Using these sentiments at the proper time – and meaning them, of course – will do more for your relationship than any gift you could hope to buy.


“I admire you.”


Though it might seem a bit odd to begin with a statement that isn’t jaw-dropping, this is one of the most effective ways to express the impact your lover has on your life.  As with all compliments, the more specific you are, the better – saying “I admire the way you think of others” or “I admire your willingness to go the extra mile at work” will do a lot to bolster your sweetie’s attitude.


“I love it when you _____.”


Now, saying this will have two results: 1) it acknowledges the good your dearest does and 2) it makes him or her more likely to do the same thing over and over again – and probably better each time.  Be sure to pick out an action that makes a big difference in your life, regardless of how basic it might be.  Appreciate your husband taking out the trash without being asked?  Happy your wife has dinner ready right when you get home from work?  Just as good as anything else.


“You inspire me.”


Working with someone to make a relationship work requires a lot of effort and energy – and there will naturally be times where both of you wonder if it’s all worth it.  When you feel like the responsibilities of life are pushing you to the edge, reminding your lover how much his or her affection drives you to keep going will help both of you keep going.  If, for example, the demands of your job seem too much to bear, this is a reconnect.


“I have no idea where I would be without you.”


Let’s be honest: sometimes, the person you love most is as much a life saver as your run-of-the-mill blessing.  Tell your sweetie how much of a difference he or she has made in you on a day-to-day basis.  Think about the choices you might have made without such a deep love reeling you back in.  For many of us, being part of a true love is what helps us to see what we are capable of becoming in spite of our past – and that’s a greater compliment than you can even begin to imagine.


“I love you more and more each day.”


Yes, this is somewhat sappy and played-out thanks to the litany of Hollywood movies including a similar line, yet it is also one of the most powerful testaments to how your honey has become a major part of your life.  When two people begin dating, it is tough to understand how much they can love each other.  As you progress through the months and years, you will find your love continues to grow despite your ability to describe it.  Saying this is about the only way to do so.

“You look amazing.”


Despite what this list has hinted at so far – the profound resonance of emotional compliments – there is no excuse to go without talking about your sweetie’s appearance from time to time.  If you aren’t careful, it might seem all the words given to your lover are focused on his or her appearance, which will make you look superficial.  Tossing this in from time to time carries with it a different meaning than just saying he or she is “beautiful” or “handsome.”


“Your kind heart draws me in.”


One of the best things about being in a serious relationship is the ability to be vulnerable.  Regardless of how honest you are – or think you are – there is always something you hold back until you know someone who is caring enough to allow you to expose all your insecurities and flaws.  Kindness, as a characteristic, can be something your lover shares with you or someone else, yet it will pull in even the hardest of hearts.


“Being with you makes me a better person.”


Much like the previous compliment you ought to give your lover about inspiring you, this one hints at how he or she motivates you to be the best you can.  Perfection is, obviously, unattainable – sometimes your sweetie will make you want to try, though!  That kind of love, in which both parties are enriched by the pursuit of serving each other more completely, is the most fulfilling of all.


“You make my heart so happy.”


This is probably the most nonsensical of the sentiments on this list, yet it carries with it a sense of whimsy the others cannot.  You should use this at particular times when you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders or a burden taken from your heart.  It might mean discussing a painful part of your history or sharing the giddiness that takes over when the two of you are together – you will know exactly the right moment to say it, because it will seem as though you are going to burst with joy.


“Your beauty is the kind people write stories and poetry about.”


Of the ten compliments on this list, every once in a while what has to be given to your lover is something a bit over the top – which is the precise reason this statement works so well.  Hearkening back to the words written about Helen of Troy or the lines composed about King Arthur, you will give your sweetheart a sense of the timelessness of your feelings.  What could be more romantic than that?

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