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Best Citrus Perfumes - Top 10 Citrus Perfumes in the World

A citrus perfume is the fresh summer wind with a bright sunny radiance captivated in an exquisite bottle. A citrus perfume with their intense sparkle and an unsullied freshness wraps you with cool aura all the summer. Beat the summer sun and scorch with a long lasting fresh flashy smell of the piquant citrus fruits like lemon, orange and grapefruits. Glide through the list of the top 10 citrus perfumes in the world to know about the novel world of invigorating citrus smell.

L'artisan The Pour Un Ete: The far-flung whiff of Southeast Asia, a favorite by Olivia Giacobetti with delicious mingling of citrus, green tea and jasmin is sure to bring in the feel of that sparkling freshness. This perfume undoubtedly is one of the top ten citrus perfumes in the world.

Eau Sauvage: A designer citrus perfume by Christian Dior is sure to bring in a dazzling smell this summer with the delightful combination of genista, cedar wood, rosemary, lavender and cistus of Provence.

Diorella: Another marvel from the Christian Dior boutique, this fresh perfume combines the charm of patchouli, vetivar, musk, cyclamen, oakmoss, carnation, rose, jasmine, melon,bergamot, greens, basil and lemon.

The Divine Bergamote: Wrap yourself in the glamour of the lovely orange fragrance, one of the topnotch among the top ten citrus perfumes in the world.

Tommy Summer: This designer citrus perfume is designed by Tommy Hilfiger for men to add a fresh masculine glow to their presence.

Fujiyama: This is a citrus perfume from the brand house of Success de Paris and with its sensational feel and smell has chart busted into the list of top ten citrus perfumes in the world.

Image: A wonder from Nino Cerruti is a breathtaking blend of mint leaves, amber, wood, leather and spice.

Jeans Couture: Apart from clothes dress up with this hot citrus couture by Gianni Versace, an amazing mix of mandarin leaves, cardamom, violet flowers, myrtle, bergamot, musk, leaves, vetiver, sandalwood and woody base of patchouli.

City Glam: This is a brand new gorgeous entry by Giorgio Armani into the lively citrus world combines fragrances of galangal, ginger, peppermint, vetiver, herbs, crystal moss, white musk and seville orange.

Masculine: This is one of the citrus sensations from the house of Dolce & Gabbana with the freshness of thyme, basil, mint, teak, fig wood, rosemary, bergamot and lemon leaves.

These are the most glamorous gems of the stunning and fresh globe of citrus perfumes of the world. Let your senses take a twist with a novel refreshment of citrusy fragrance in the fiery summer days.


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