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Best Chocolate in The World - Top 10 Chocolates in The World

Best Chocolates in the world; Chocolates are the most romantic gifts for your dearest one. Name the top 10 chocolates in the world and your mouth will immediately turn watery. You do not need to wait for any special occasions to gift chocolates to your loved ones. There is no age, sex or caste bar when it comes to gifting chocolates to someone. People from all over the world buy tons of chocolates throughout the year to use them as the most romantic gift.


Cheer her mood with some chocolates. It acts as the best agent to put things on the right track. Chocolates can always put you at your romantic best. The prices of chocolates may vary from one brand to another. So whether you have a crush crunch or want to spend fortune on that special someone, chocolates can always be a part of your gift.


Best 10 Branded Chocolates in the World

Whenever it comes to top favorite chocolates there are few brands that always top the list. Ten such brands are:


  1. Lindt & Spugli Chocolates

Lindt & Spugli Chocolates rank among the most popular chocolate brands of the world. This is a Swiss chocolate brand and is known for its rich taste. In the recent few years, Lindt brought another variation of chocolate in the market by the name of Lindor. The core of it is soft and smooth with a hard coating of dark chocolate on the outer shell. Lindt & Spugli is also known for producing great bunny chocolates and chocolate eggs during Easter every year.

  1. Ghirardelli Chocolates

Ghirardelli Chocolates are available in stores in a wide variety of forms. You get assorted bars or can go for small cubes wrapped in colorful papers. The rich cocoa beans used to make these chocolates make it the top selling brand in Unites States of America. To maintain a high quality the manufacturers reject 40% of cocoa beans that are shipped. Only the highest quality beans are processed to make these chocolates. Ghirardelli chocolates can be best bought online.

  1. Ferrero Rocher

Name a single chocolate lover who has not heard of Ferrero Rocher. This Italian branded chocolate are sometimes also referred as Ferrero Spa. Made of roasted hazelnuts, walnuts and hazelnut cream milk chocolate, Ferrero Rocher are one of its kind. With the growing demand of this chocolate in the market, the company has started to make it using different flavors. The more popular flavors in the market are Pistachio, Coconut and Lemon, coconut & dark chocolate and strawberry. The thin layer of wafer coated with milk chocolate would simply melt into your mouth.

  1. Thorntons Chocolates

Thorntons Chocolates are a British made branded chocolate, very popular in all parts of the world. Cocoa beans from Sao Tome, New Guinea, Papua and Tanzania are combined together to make chocolate toffees. Thorntons are usually milk chocolates with a hard outer layer. These chewy toffees became very popular among the steelworkers of the city. The fusion recipe of the chocolate has made it extremely these days. Thorntons chocolates are only sold online.

  1. Hershey’s

Chocolate lovers would start drooling when you name Hershey’s. The company is named after its owner, Milton Hershey. The latest addition to the family has been Hershey’s kisses, which nearly doubled its global sale. It is a small cone shaped chocolate and is a delight for everyone around the globe. Symphony is also a high selling product of Hershey’s. Symphony is must softer and creamier than other products of Hershey’s. It is also less sweet as compared to other chocolates produced by the brand. This is the oldest chocolate manufacturing companies in the whole of United States. Hershey’s has their shops in all major cities of the world, from where you can taste and buy chocolates.

  1. Guylian Chocolates

Name the top Belgian chocolate brand in the world and it will be Guylian. They are known for producing the richest and the finest quality chocolates in the world. The chocolate seashells are the highest selling product of this company. These chocolates are filled with praline and give you an ecstasy when it melts in your mouth. Once with take a single bite on it you would simply want to gorge into it. Every bite will make you more and more chocolate greedy. The variations of this chocolate are available in Milk Chocolate with Smooth Caramel, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, Solid White Chocolate, Solid Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, and Solid Dark Chocolate.

  1. Godiva Chocolates

If there is any company, making highest variety of chocolates it is Godiva Chocolates. Some of the most popular variations are milk chocolates with raspberry, solid dark chocolates, solid milk chocolates, solid white chocolates, caramel and almond chocolates. The chocolates would melt inside the mouth giving you the most happy moments of life.

  1. Neuhaus Chocolates

Neuhaus Chocolates are known for being a popular brand among Belgian chocolates. There are wide selections of flavors chocolate lovers can die for. This brand is known for producing handcrafted chocolates. When it comes to milk chocolates, you cannot think of any other brand but this. The packaging also makes it a top demand in the market. The pralines and truffles flavor of the chocolates are more popular in the market than any other Belgian brands. The dark chocolates and white chocolates are poured together to make a range of enticing and pleasure-seeking fillings.

  1. Richart Chocolates

Richart Chocolates are truly pleasurable and would put you in that perfect romantic mood. The chocolate makers are dedicated to make these finest chocolates, which are relished by people from all parts of the world.

  1. NOKA

Anyone who loves eating chocolates would have tasted NOKA’s chocolates. Single-estate dark chocolates are their specialty. Moreover, I can assure you they are best in the world. These days keeping a varied demand of taste buds in mind, NOKA have started producing some vanilla flavored chocolates, which are also in high demand. The rich delicacy will melt in your mouth giving you the higest form of pleasure.

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