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Breakup Texts

Breakup Texts 1. Please dont do this, you have no idea how important you are to me! I life will get shattered the moment you will step out of it!

2. I gave you way too many chances. Now i can't afford to get hurt again and again! Let us move on in life!


3. I guess i am a big loser, because you left me and found someone new. but i am still here, still alone and crying over you!


4. Breakups aren't always meant to make up. Sometimes, they give you a chance to realize the worth of your life and WAKE UP!

5. Moving on is not about cutting the communication, ignoring each other and sulking in a corner. At times, you require to be better instead of being bitter!

6. At times, giving a second chance means providing an extra bullet to the gun, because they missed you for the first time. Make your decisions wisely.

7. Staying in a relationship when you are not happy is like fooling yourself. But later on, the time will make you realize that this is the best thing that could have ever happened to you!

8. I will wait till the day i can forget you, or the day you realize you cannot forget me! Love you forever!

9. I think i need to get a bit busy in life, so that i can forget what all you did to me! And yes, i strongly believe in the theory “ what goes around, comes around”.

10. They say “ always have a backup, before you break up” Sounds good!


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