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Best Ways to Start Conversation With Girls

You are having a serious crush on this girl but you don't want to leave a bad first impression on her! To avoid the initial awkwardness between the two of you, here are some of the best ways to kick start the conversation with your crush.

Best Ways to Start Conversation With Girls 1. “You look amazing today”: Believe it or not, every girl wants to hear this compliment from the guy for whom she holds a soft corner. So if you wish to make her feel good right from the start, don't forget to compliment her on looks. But make sure your compliments are heartfelt and genuine

2. A polite smile: You like a girl and want your first impression to be the best! So, before you even start talking to her, make sure you are giving her a sweet smile and pleasant vibes while looking at her.


3. Ask for a drink: You met her at a party and just one look of hers took your heart away! In this case, you definitely wish to strike a conversation with her. So what could be better than offering her a drink? Do not think much and go ahead with a nice beverage in your hand.


4. “Can I drop you home”: Every guy should be decent enough to drop her girl home when she gets late or you find her looking out for a public transport. Especially when you like that girl a lot! In this case, you must ask the girl if she fine with you dropping her home!

5. Talk about current events: If you are meeting her for the first time and feeling lost in a whole bunch of people around her, start your conversation with any current event that can interest her. She will feel instantly connected with you!.

6. Ask her opinion: Girls love it when guys give them the importance they seek for. Thus, to start a conversation, go ahead and ask what she feels about a certain thing to are going to buy or any gadget that you are planning to purchase. She will love this kind of attention.

7. Make a mistake when she’s around: If you are confused about what could be that thing which can pull her attention towards you, than make a deliberate mistake and make sure she notices it. If she does, you will get her attention instantly and can start off a conversation easily.

8. “Sense Of Humor”: Most of the guys are known for a great sense of humor and this is what attracts a girl most. So if you like her and wants to create a certain comfort level between the you too in the very first meeting, make sure you have the ability to tickle her funny bone.

9. Don't wait her to look at you and smile: Every girl expects that if a guy likes her, he will be making the first move. So, guys should live up to the expectations of a girl and and he should be the first to interact.

10. Dont let the other guys impress her to much If you want to secure your place in her mind, make sure the other guys in the group are not interacting with her much. Be the one who can answer all her queries and make her feel special always.


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