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Best Ways to Reject a Proposal

Best Ways to Reject a Proposal 1. “I already have a boyfriend”: Yes, this is undoubtedly the most accepted and secure excuse which works in favor of girls almost every time. After hearing this, the guy who is proposing you will back out. To cover up the situation, you can simply say, “We may not be made for each other, but we can remain friends for life”

2. “I am commitment phobic”: If there is guy who loves you since long time, but you are not at all interested in his proposal, give him a reason that makes him think about his feelings all over again.


3. “Career is my first priority”: If you want to avoid a marriage proposal, this is probably one of the best reasons any girl and give to a guy. Once you will him that you want to focus on your career, he will not think about taking things further with you!


4. “I am not a marriage material”: You are aware of the fact that he likes you and will be proposing soon! In this situation, the best thing you can do is to tell him that you are scared of making commitments and you don't believe in marriages . After hearing this, the guy will instantly step back.

5. “I am a lesbian”: Well, this might sound a bit funny, but makes a lot of sense if you wish to get rid of a guy you don't like. In fact, this will be a perfect excuse if you dont want to get into any serious conversation with a guy and want to ignore him easily!

6. I cant get over my past: A guy who is running after you and wants to be with you forever, should know about your life from tip to toe. In case you don't wish to get indulged with that guy, one of the most easy excuse can be your past connections and past relationships. Tell him that you are not able to get over your past

7. “I just want to be friends with you”: When you know about a guy who loves you and is about to propose you, the quickest excuse could be the “just friends” card. You can easily tell him that you can't imagine any romantic angle with him and you like him only as a friend

8. “I dont believe in love, i am a brat”: The moment you will say these words to the one who is about to propose you, he will probably leave the idea of dating you right away. Try this, it works!

9. “My friend likes you”: If a guy comes up to you and proposes you to be his partner, just shift the topic and tell him that one of your girlfriends is having a crush on you. This way, you will successfully avoid the turmoil for the time being.

10. “I don't trust guys”: Once you say these words to the person who has just proposed you, he will try to convince you about how good he is as a person and many other manipulations will be made. All you need to do is to stick to your words and make him believe that you are in no mood to be any guy right now!


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