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Cute Surprises for Your Girlfriend - Top 10 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

If you’ve been dating your girl for any period of time, you probably wonder how to regain the feeling of excitement you had when you first met – and you’re not alone!



 A lot of couples look for ways to get the old spark back and options like these ten best surprises for your girlfriend are exactly the kind of ideas you can take advantage of.



It doesn’t matter if you have been in a relationship for a few months or several years, these tricks will show your woman how much you care, a great way to revive your romance.


  1. Make her the center of attention.

How often do you really focus on your sweetie’s needs? Sure, you probably buy dinner and talk about the way she makes you feel, but when was the last time you treated her like a queen? It might seem kind of odd, especially if she’s the independent type, but giving her an evening where she doesn’t have to lift a finger – with a foot rub and warm bubble bath added in, for instance – will totally catch her off guard.

  1. Help her get away from it all.

The pace of modern life often distracts us from what really matters and you might find the best surprise you can give your dearest is some time with your phones off and laptops closed. Pack a lunch for two, find a hiking trail and head out for a walk into nature. You will quickly find you both are more relaxed and in tune with each other – something she will absolutely relish.

  1. Send flowers to her office for no reason at all.

Every guy worth his salt will arrange for a bouquet to arrive at his girlfriend’s desk on her birthday or for Valentine’s Day, which is why the price is always so high around February 14th! Why not pay for a dozen of her favorite flowers to be delivered on a random day of the week? You might even consider being a little cheeky and adding a note to congratulate her on a great job making dinner the night before!

  1. Give her a girl’s night.

Your sweetheart loves spending time with you, there’s no doubt about that. A lot of women get so involved with their men, they forget to head out with their friends from time to time. Set aside some time for her to hang out with her closest buds and they will spend most of the night dishing about how thoughtful a guy you are.

  1. Treat her to an impromptu dinner at a new restaurant.

Human beings are creatures of habit. The two of you probably hit the same spots over and over again when you go out, so pick a different spot and whisk her away. It doesn’t have to be the fancy French place that just opened up, you might go with a hole-in-the-wall sushi bar or well-rated taco truck. Variety is the spice of life, you know?

  1. Let her shop ‘til she drops.

Most women enjoy finding a great deal, so why not give her the opportunity to hunt some down while you carry the bags? If you have the means, give her an allowance that she must spend over the course of an afternoon, then stand by dutifully as she tries on every outfit and trinket. She’ll feel like a Beverly Hills housewife, only with a much better relationship.

  1. Make her a photo book.

If the rise of smartphones has proven anything, it’s that we all have a camera with us all of the time. You and your girlfriend have probably snapped dozens of digital pictures together, but haven’t printed any of them off. Upload your photos to a site like Mixbook or Snapfish and select the theme, then send her what you’ve come up with. She’ll be shocked – in a good way – and excited to show off your work to all her girlfriends.

  1. Shoot her a sweet text message.

You don’t always have to create an elaborate set up in order to surprise your girlfriend. Sometimes the simplest acts are the most powerful. In the middle of the day, you can send a short note to her phone that will make her feel loved – even something as basic as “I’m more and more happy you are in my life every day” can make a big difference in her day.

  1. Set up a scavenger hunt.

Remember when you used to do your best to impress her at every turn? She does! Regardless of how long you’ve been together, chances are you have made some memories at places all over your town. Why not have her pick up a napkin from the place you went on your first date or sing the song you danced to on your anniversary? She’ll love that you remember all those details!

  1. Write her a love letter.

Your parents or grandparents probably lament the invention of the computer for the way it has changed courting – and they might be right! In the age of Facebook and email, you can pull a page from their book to show your love will stand the test of time. Compose a heartfelt message and write it out on nice paper (don’t get too wrapped up in being like Shakespeare), then drop it in the mail.

More Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

1. Cook a meal for her.
After a tiring day at work, going to the kitchen and cooking the dinner would be the last thing she would want to do. Prepare a wholesome dinner for her or hire a cook if you cannot do it on your own. Your girlfriend will be pleasantly surprised and love you all the more for your effort.

2. Show up outside her office or house.
Planned dates are fine, but unplanned ones become special in their own way. Just show up in front of her house or office as she's about to step out. She'll be delighted to see you and go for an impromptu evening outing together.

3. Prepare Bed Tea for Her
It's Sunday and she doesn't feel like getting up early and go through the daily grind. Make her a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee as she gets up and look how she breaks into a happy smile.

4. Get her a gift.
It's no secret that girls love to receive a gift once in a while. The gift doesn't necessarily have to be something very costly or elaborate. A simple gift will do; it's the thought and effort behind it which counts the most.




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