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True romance is a magical experience that can only be felt. It's the anticipation of romance and the memories surrounding it that we cherish throughout our life. You don't always have to be very romantic heart to make your beloved feel special. All you have to do is to understand her tastes and fan the flames of your passion. With a little bit of planning and thoughtfulness, and you can come up with a wonderful idea of saying “I love you.”

If you aren't that creative, go through these top 10 romantic ideas that will make your sweetheart fall for you, again and again.


10 Best Romantic Ideas


1. Plan a romantic getaway. Even if they lead very busy lives, it’s important for every couple to spend time alone together. That’s why the idea of a vacation for two is so romantic—imagine just you and your loved one, leaving the world behind! If it isn’t reasonable to go flying off at a moment’s notice, you can still get all the magic by going on a weekend trip to someplace not far from your home. Romantic getaways don’t have to be too expensive if they are well-planned, and you and your partner will reap the benefits!

2. Cook a surprise meal. Being romantic is all about being spontaneous in wonderful ways that your partner does not expect. If he or she has a hard day at work, coming home to a lovingly cooked dinner would be a deep comfort. Your significant other is sure to show you their appreciation for doing something so considerate just for them! If you aren’t much of a hand at cooking, bringing in takeout from their favorite restaurant can have the same effect.


3. Learn from one other. Ask your partner to teach you something that he or she knows how to do that you’re interested in learning, then offer to do the same. Not only will you both grow as people, but your relationship will deepen over the bond that participation creates. Remember to keep things fun and casual, and don’t be afraid to laugh. The process here is not about insecurity, but exploration!


4. Break from your routine. If your love life needs some spicing up, having an adventure with your partner can be a lot easier than it seems. All you have to do is suggest that you do something different from what’s expected. If you normally watch TV all weekend, for example, suggest that you go to the zoo or see a ball game. Clear your schedules so that you have the time to try something that you’ve never tried before.

5. Buy a non-holiday gift. Show your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband that you aren’t only thinking of them on birthdays and anniversaries. Get them a little something for no occasion whatsoever. Don’t go overboard on cost, or they might wonder whether you are hiding something from them. Just buy a sweet little gift like flowers, candy or a small stuffed animal and give it to them with a kiss, even if it’s nowhere near Valentine’s Day.

6. Decorate the bedroom. Setting up your bedroom as the perfect love den is a sexy, creative, and delightful surprise that will be a real treat for your partner. Atmospheric elements like candles, incense, or flower petals can transform any bedroom into a haven from the world that the two of you can share. Get everything ready, then either lead your lover to it or let them discover it on their own. Be sure to lock the door behind you!

7. Take care of everything for one day. Have you noticed that your loved one seems stressed out and overwhelmed lately? Probably one of the sweetest things you can do is offer to shoulder a few of their worries. Say you’ll do their chores, or take the kids off their hands so that they can spend the day doing something that relaxes them. Your partner will always remember that you were there to help them out in their time of need, and this is one of the most important components of true love.

8. Get a new pet. Baby animals stir up all our sweetest, cuddliest feelings, and are the ultimate symbol of unconditional love. However, you must be sure that several factors are in place before making this decision: you and your partner must have the means, space, time, and desire to care for this animal as it grows up and for the rest of its natural life. If a puppy or kitten is too much of a commitment, get a shorter-lived pet like a mouse or a hamster that you and your partner can have fun raising together.

9. Watch all of each other’s favorite movies. Play a game with your significant other in which you each make up a list of your favorite movies, then swap lists and see if there are any surprises. Then you can both sit down and watch several movies from each other’s lists. This is guaranteed to spark interesting conversations, and to help you and your partner understand one another’s likes and dislikes more deeply.

10. Take on a project together. Is there something that needs to get done around your house, or a new activity that you’ve been meaning to try? This might be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to tackle it together. Some of the best romantic moments a couple can experience occur when they are working together to accomplish something. Having someone who loves you by your side instantly makes any project more fun and engaging.


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