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Sweetest Day Sayings

Sweetest Day saying is a part of the Sweetest Day celebration. All gift items and cards should be attached with a Sweetest Day saying. Few mentionable sayings for the Sweetest Day are:


  1. Do for all, but don’t except to be repaid.
  2. Bring happiness to the face of other.
  3. Real happiness lies in making others life better.
  4. The streets of the city would be better if we could build a house for the street children.
  5. Buy candies for the Sweetest Day.
  6. Be nameless while you serve others.
  7. Be remembered for your action in love.
  8. The greatest wisdom is kindness.
  9. The essence of life lies in loving the needy.
  10. Life gets a different meaning when love touches it.
  11. Kindness is equal to liveliness.
  12. With courage and kindness in your heart you can make life better.
  13. Tomorrow is unpredictable….show your kindness today.
  14. The ray of the sun showered upon us shows us the path to glory.
  15. There cannot be a day without kindness.
  16. Don’t be late to show your kindness.
  17. Your kindness will make a difference in other’s life.
  18. Don’t hesitate…the children without parents need you.
  19. It’s you who can join hands with others and make a better tomorrow.
  20. No one stops you to help and be kind to others.
  21. Nothing can be as good as being good to someone.
  22. There cannot be any special day than Sweetest Day to show your gesture of kindness.
  23. Be kind. Be Happy.
  24. The joy of kindness is the mist noble act.
  25. The smile of faces of street children will give pleasure to live life.
  26. No can force apart from the inner will to be kind to all.
  27. Not only on Sweetest Day, spread love and kindness on all days to make life better.
  28. There are no other way and no other opportunity to be good and nice.

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