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Sweetest Day History

The third Saturday of October is celebrated as sweetest day in USA. On this day we remember the sick, poor old and orphans. Sweetest Day history will take us back to 60 years. There are few controversies regarding the celebration of this day. Few say that due to commercial interest the third Saturday of October was marked as Sweetest Day.

The history behind the Sweetest Day
Let us focus on Sweetest Day history. Cleveland confectioners first promoted Sweetest Day. The Sweetest Day history goes back in 1921 during the time of Great Depression. 12 committee members of the CC Hartzell planned the Sweetest Day. They distributed more than 20000 boxes of candies to newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor in Cleveland at Ohio. Hence, Ohio still celebrates Sweetest Day as a holiday. Few movie stars also participated in the distribution of the candies in 1921. The stars were Theda Bara and Ann Pennington.

We often forget the name of the person who was behind the Sweetest Day. Herbert Birch Kingston was an employee of a local candy shop. He thought of making a difference in the life of the homeless. Since then Sweetest Day is celebrated to bring happiness to every parentless lives.

Few people wanted to start the celebration of Sweetest Day in New York and they wanted to rename the occasion as Candy Day. As this event includes distribution of candies it was called Sweetest Day. This was also a reason why people thought that there was a commercial interest to promote such a day.

Different parts of the world still celebrate this day. Great Lakes region and parts of the Northeast United States also observe the Sweetest Day along with Ohio.

Ann Pennington gifted 2200 boxes of candies to the Cleveland Newspaper boys on the first Sweetest Day. On the other hand Theda Bara distributed 10000 boxes of candies in the Cleveland hospital.

The celebration of Sweetest Day in the present scenario
Time is passing by and it is passing really fast. The reason behind Sweetest Day was noble, even if it had commercial purpose behind it. But gradually the day has lost its essence. Today sweetest day is just another Great Lakes region and parts of the Northeast United States Valentines’ Day. The young generation is busy giving gifts to their loved ones. Though we also see distribution of candies to the old and the orphan but the day has lost its importance with time. Midwestern U.S. states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio celebrate the Sweetest Day, today.


Sweetest Day
The idea for the sweetest day is indeed unique. But it is not a holiday celebrated across the nation. Initially the day was observed to show love for the street orphans. But gradually things changed and the celebration has taken a different angel. As already mentioned sweetest day is also considered as another Valentines’ Days.

America’s work for street children
America is thinking far beyond regarding the street children. Recently a report has been published by WHO (World Health Organization) which shows the reason why the number of street children are increasing. The reasons are:

  1. Family breakdown
  2. Armed conflict
  3. Poverty
  4. Natural and man-made disasters
  5. Famine
  6. Physical and sexual abuse
  7. Exploitation by adults
  8. Dislocation through migration
  9. Urbanization and overcrowding
  10. Acculturation
  11. Disinheritance or being disowned

There are NGOs who are engaged in upbringing the street children. The different programs of the NGOs involve:

  1. Feeding program
  2. Medical services
  3. Legal assistance
  4. Street education
  5. Financial services
  6. Family reunification
  7. Drop-in centres/night shelters
  8. Outreach programs
  9. Conscientization

The government is also looking forward to help the NGOs build a better tomorrow. If not focused properly the street children have a tendency to create negativity in the society. So, the charitable organizations are joining hands with each other for a better world.