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Sweetest Day

The third Saturday of October is celebrated as Sweetest Day. This day is well observed in the regions of Great Lakes region and parts of the Northeast United States. Initially the day was to remember the old, homeless, orphans and sick. But today Sweetest Day is a day to remember relatives, family and friends. Sweetest Day 2013 will be celebrated on October 19.

The Origin of Sweetest Day

Sweetest day was started by Cleveland confectioner in the year 1921. During the time of Great Depression the committee member of this specific confectioner promoted the concept of Sweetest Day over 60 years back. We now celebrate this day in Midwestern U.S. states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio. The owner of the candy store Cleveland felt that something should be done for the orphans in the city. Hence he made candies and gave small gifts to the homeless is the cities. Gradually the concept spread over other nations. Today this day is a holiday declared by the state government.

Sweetest day and today
Today the concept of the sweetest day has completely changed. Generally women give presents to their boyfriends or husbands. But candies have to be a part of the gift. But on this day gifts and candies are given to the orphans too. This day was promoted for commercial interest. Hence the day is observed as Hallmark Holiday. This day is also regarded as the second Valentine’s Day.

Few facts on Sweetest Day
Few facts on the sweetest day today is that:

  1. This day has become another Valentine’s Day. Gifts and candies are gifted to the love of the life.
  2. The celebration is no more restricted to few regions. It has spread across the nation.
  3. Different gift items and cards are sold for the Sweetest Day.
  4. Ohio is the top celebrator of Sweetest Day today.