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You are my Life Messages

You may think that it may sound clichéd to tell someone that “You are my life”, but sometimes it is exactly what your beloved wants to hear from you. When you feel that way then why not say it?

If you want to let your beloved know that you love them so much that they have become your life, then let our You are my life SMS do the talking for you. Let our sms tell your beloved how much you care about them, and how inseparable they have become for you. Let them know that they have become the most important part of your life, and losing them would shatter you.

If your feel a love for them so great, then letting them know about it, will only make your relationship grow stronger. So flip through our collection of You are my Life SMS and pick up a special sms for them and celebrate your love.

You are Special SMS

  1. My life is you, my happiness is you, my first & last wish, "God bless you every where." & "I love you very much."Send SMS

  2. Day & night only your thought,
    Other than you no one in my heart,
    You are my Angel which is a fact,
    You have became beat of my Heart,
    Love you till my soul will depart.Send SMS

  3. If each leaf of a tree is your smile, then I promise you I will water it through out my life so I can seeur ever green smile forever!Send SMS

  4. You showed me how it is to be loved. Now I know what really love is. 1 day we will be together forever. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again.Send SMS

  5. Gateway of memories will never close. How much I miss u no one knows. Days will in years & I will remember you in my silent tears.Send SMS

  6. If I get your smile, I dont need flowers.
    If I get your voice, I dont need music.
    If you speak to me, I dont need anybody.
    If you are my love, I dont need the world.Send SMS

  7. As Precious As U Are To Me, As Precious No One Can Ever Be I Know All Friends Are Hard To Choose But You Are The One I NEVER WANT TO LOOSE miss you.Send SMS

  8. I Remember How Much you Hurt Me ...
    I Say ...
    I Am Fine Alone...
    But Why Does My Stupid Heart Miss you !
    Why Do I Need That Hurt To Feel AliveSend SMS

  9. Don't stop caring and loving a person even though he does not value it..because only this love and care will make you the most valuable for him one day.Send SMS

  10. Lots of things go unquestioned; lots of things go unanswered, few words go unsaid, few go unheard, and some dreams are born dead, some are buried alive. That’s life.Send SMS


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