Sad Love Messages

Even though love is described as the best feeling in the world, it is also capable of causing much sadness at times. The sadness can be due to anything; being away from your loved one, the feeling that you’re losing them and they don’t love you anymore, or the fact that something they did, hurt you.

Sometimes we find it difficult to express the pain that we feel inside, for all such reasons our Sad Love SMS are the best collection that you can find. For all the reasons that you can have for being sad, we have the finest quotes and words for you, so that you can express freely to your loved ones how you are feeling. Sometimes our silence is misunderstood, so it is much better to vent out what you feel than to bottle it all up inside.

The saddest thing perhaps, would be that your loved one may never realize that you are in pain and feeling sad. So let our Sad love SMS express aloud for you, what you are feeling inside.

  1. People change with time. Where there was love and joy, now there's evasion and formality. Things went wrong and here I am feeling the burden of the past. Send SMS
  2. You promised me joy. I didn't know that would lead to me crying into my pillow. Send SMS

I Miss You Messages

  1. I'm missing the touch of your soft skin, the lingering tongue, and the smell of your breath that I associate only with you.Send SMS
  2. How can I sleep when you're away? Where will I find the hum to lul me to sleep? Where will I find warmth to cuddle me to comfort? Now, don't you say I miss you too. I'm talking more than just "missing you" here.Send SMS

Broken Heart Messages

  1. If you hug me anymore you'll feel my heart cracking under yours.Send SMS
  2. And the first prize for heartbreaks goes to - *Sender*. Send SMS

Heartbreak Messages

  1. I know that I must be crying in vain. I know nothing will change. But it is difficult to ignore the person I love and to move away. Send SMS
  2. I am her tear, I fall,
    When you are not there,
    When you don’t talk to her,
    When you don’t call.
    Send SMS

Love Failure Messages

  1. "Love the one who cares 4 u . care the one who shares with u. share the one who knows u., know the one who miss u, but dont miss the 1 who is "dear & near" " Send SMS
  2. "Friends are amazing when they r new, they are wonderful when they r true. but do you know they r a "blessing" when they r like u." Send SMS


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