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I Love You Messages

Are you in love? Wondering how to express your feelings to your sweetheart? Then say it with ‘I love you’ messages. The I Love You sms are ideal when you have to say it for the first time to the person you love.


If you are feelings nervous and are afraid that you might face rejection saying with I love you messages is a safe option.When your emotions are strong don’t hesitate to say it to the person before you get too late. Following is a collection of love messages to help you find inspiration in expressing yourself.


Sweet I Love You SMS Messages


  1. There's nothing like chocolate that says I love you every time it touches the tongue and fills your heart with hope and happiness. Send SMS

  2. This is probably the easiest yet the most difficult thing to do - confess. But I can't deal with this anymore and have to tell you. With each passing moment I feel like my heart will burst and I will show emotions I never knew existed. I love you and I want to say it before that actually happens. Send SMS

  3. Anyone can say I love you but only few mean it. You must believe in the saying when you feel it and not merely when you hear it. Send SMS

  4. You are in love when you don’t get enough of one. The more you think of them the more you miss them. The more you miss the more engrossed you become. Send SMS

  5. If I have given the chance to choose between you and heaven, I’ll choose you because paradise is where love is. Send SMS

  6. Love is when two hearts meet,
    You talk the talk and
    Walk the mile.
    Send SMS

  7. Love is the only wealth that grows with giving and my darling, I am the richest man on earth ‘cause I have the wealth of your love. Send SMS

  8. I can live the life
    Looking into your eyes,
    I can live the life
    Seeing you smile.
    Send SMS

  9. Love knows no limit
    Love knows no cause
    I just want you to be mine
    And I will be yours.
    Send SMS

Cute Text Messages to Say I Love You


  1. I am in love for sure
    ‘Cause every time I see you,
    I yearn to love you more.
    Send SMS

  2. You are beautiful, so I love you or is it that you are beautiful because I love you? Send SMS

  3. Love is the one special feeling which can make you smile when you are in deep pain. It gives you the strength to fight against the odds. Send SMS

  4. Love is when the happiness of the other person makes you most happy. When their success matters most to you. Send SMS

  5. Love helps you look at the bright side of life. You smile at the thought of the special one when you are alone. Send SMS

  6. Love me so that I can love you more. Send SMS

  7. Take some time to smile,
    Rest when you are tired
    Love makes life worth living
    It fills it with desire.
    Send SMS

  8. If you ask me why I love you so much then I have no reason. But then love doesn’t require a reason. It simply happens. Send SMS

  9. I know I will recognize the face of the angel when I die because his face will match yours. Send SMS

  10. My love is a journey that starts with forever and ends at never. I will always love you my darling. Send SMS

  11. Romantic Love Messages


    Love messages are simply the most romantic and incredible way to express your love for youe beloved. If you are looking for that perfect line to make a flawless expression of romance, send some of these ultra romantic love messages to the love of your life and woo him/her.


    "No matter how much we try, we can’t stop our heart from loving."

    "When you are in love your heart expands to accommodate the person."


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