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Flirt Messages

Flirting makes the relationship interesting. It is considered as the indicator for successful relationship. Earlier flirting normally happened only during the face-to-face meetings and involved touches and body languages. However, since the advent of cell phones flirting can also be done through texting as well. Young adults and teenagers have found it particularly convenient to flirt through text messages.

Flirting through text messages have become so popular that the Web World is now overflowing with naughty and flirty messages. You too now can spice up your romantic relation by sending flirty messages to your partner. Check out the following collection of flirting messages.


Text Message Flirting

  1. You're like a rose that smells sweet in every fold. Happy Rose Day. Send SMS
  2. I know we cannot be together tonight, but we can still watch a movie. Close your eyes and watch ourselves together as if we are couples-in-love dancing around trees. Send SMS
  3. Roses are red
    Sky is blue
    The whole world knows,
    I love you!!

      Send SMS
  4. The man who discovered alphabets was a genius but he made one small mistake; he put ‘I ‘and ‘U’ so far apart. Send SMS

  5. When the God found me lonely he created you to become mine. Send SMS

  6. This is a gift. Scroll down to know what you have own.
    L--- -
    Lo--- -
    Lov- -
    Love –
    Love U!!
    Send SMS

  7. I have called your number 5 times
    But it was busy
    So I have sent the moon to say you Goodnight!!
    Send SMS

  8. Dear Madam,
    This is in response to your classified for Lovers I am forwarding my resume for your consideration.

    I have done certification course in kissing. Have done a diploma in loving and have specialized in sending romantic gifts.

    I was also given the special prize for being the most romantic lover in my batch. I am hopeful that I will meet your criteria.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Yours truly,
    Send SMS

  9. Sorry for disturbing you but I think you have taken away one precious thing on mine without telling. My heart! Send SMS

  10. This is an exciting exchange offer for you. In exchange of my heart you can agree to become mine forever. Send SMS

  11. I have not saved your number in my cell phone. I haven’t kept your photo in my album. Because I keep the special people in my heart and you are most special to me. Send SMS

  12. Today when I woke up I had my mind was filled with you. So, here is my first message for you to wish you Good morning! Send SMS

  13. Love is pure
    Love is true
    You love me and,
    I love you!
    Send SMS


How to Flirt Through Text Messages

Writing your own flirting messages can be fun. You can let your creativity and imagination guide you through writing flirty messages for that someone special. Flirting through texts can be fun but you also have to keep the words of caution in mind.

When flirty messages can help intensifying the chemistry between you it is also important to keep in mind the limitations to avoid going overboard. Following are some useful tips to help you in write the best flirting messages.


  1. Be imaginative: Let your imagination be your guide. Being creative is the most important factor in creating the most unique flirting message. Send SMS

  2. Be positive: Your message should emit positive feelings. Be amorous and build anticipation of the receiver. Send SMS

  3. Give space: Spacing is important. Writing without space and in illegible short forms may fall short in fulfilling its purpose. Send SMS

  4. Draft: To write the most interesting message you’ll need to gather your thoughts beforehand. Send SMS

  5. Be cautious: You can write sexually implicit messages to heighten her anticipation but you’ll need to exercise caution depending upon the stage of your relation. Send SMS


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