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Falling in Love Messages

Love is the most beautiful feeling. Finding true love has been the eternal quest of a man. It is said to be the most beautiful feeling when your heart skip the beat when you first see him/her. In a moment you get transported to the most wonderful world, where everything is bright and nice. When you are in love the world seems perfect with nothing to worry about. You start dreaming about the perfect life in which there will be only you and the person you love.

The moment of falling in love is so wonderful that thousands of pages were devoted in describing the moment. Hence, no wonder, that most numbers of poems were written on love. If you too are now struck by the bow of cupid then falling in love quotes will be most useful to you in expressing your feelings to the person of interest. Check out the following collection of falling in love messages.


Falling in Love Quotes

  1. The past few days/months/years with you have been the best of my life. We've laughed, walked, talked, and taken care of each other. Now, I cannot spend a second not thinking or wanting to be with you. My best friend and best love, I'm falling... head over heels... in the kind of love I never imagined. Will you consider being mine?Send SMS
  2. I don't know how this happened. I suspect conspiracy of the gods. Because I was just by myself, a few days ago; and now I can't think of spending a single moment without you. I think I'm falling in love.Send SMS
  3. Love is the most beautiful feeling when the world seems quieter and starts shine brighter.
    Send SMS

  4. I don’t know you,
    I don’t know your name,
    I don’t know where you are from,
    Don’t know where you live,
    But my heart beat for you,
    And I dream of you when I sleep!!Send SMS

  5. Falling in love has nothing to do with gravitation. People will fall in love even in non-gravitational zone. Send SMS
  6. I was struck by your eyes,
    Dreamy and far away.
    I wish I could see deep into them,
    Read the meaning hidden within.Send SMS

  7. I was captivated by your lustrous hair,
    Brown and wavy and thick,
    Cascading down your back,
    I wish I could touch those locks,
    Gather them in my hand and savor the feeling.Send SMS

  8. You need 3 things to love someone- eyes that will only see her beauty, lips that will speak wonderful word to her and a heat that will keep on loving till the end.Send SMS
  9. You don’t realize how much you love one until (s)he is gone.Send SMS
  10. Falling in love is like falling through starts. You will land up in clouds. Send SMS
  11. Falling in love is a continuous process. You keep falling in love with the person every time to see him/her.Send SMS
  12. Something beautiful
    Something fun
    Something good
    Something sweet
    Something soulful
    I have tasted the many moods of love since I have fallen in love with you. Send SMS

  13. No matter how hard we may try but we can’t close our heart to love.Send SMS
  14. Smile without a reason
    Love without a cause,
    Wipe the tear of someone,
    Live a life without loss.Send SMS

  15. It might take only a moment to fall in love but it takes the entire life to forget that person.
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The world is full of passionate saying that describe the beauty of love. Don’t hesitate to pour your thoughts out in love messages. When you are in love the most important thing is to let the other person know about your feelings. Falling in love messages will help you in conveying your feelings to him/her. Tell the whole world that you are in love with falling in love messages.


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