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Faithfulness Messages

Faithfulness is the building brick of a relation. A relationship can’t sustain if there is no trust involved. At times it doesn’t hurt to remind your loved one of your faithfulness and loyalty. This will make them feel special about themselves. If you too feel the need to let your partner know about your faithfulness write him/her a touchy faithfulness message.

These messages are also great to mend up after fights to pacify your partner. If you too are contemplating the idea of sending faithfulness messages to your sweetheart then check out the following.

  1. Good morning honey, I just thought to remind you that I have loved you and I’ll love you always.Send SMS
  2. As long as the sun will rise,
    The wind will blow from the sea,
    As long as the leaves will be green,
    I’ll keep loving you!Send SMS

  3. Your tears are precious like gems to me. Don’t drop them my sweet because no amount of the world’s wealth can replace them for me.Send SMS
  4. No matter how much the world changes I will remain yours forever.Send SMS
  5. Young men want to stay faithful to their love, but they are not. Old men want to be faithless but they can’t because they are old.Send SMS
  6. If you want to learn the small things about love, be faithful. But if you want to experience the wild side of love, be faithless.Send SMS
  7. Keep faith on the small things of life and only then you’ll be able to appreciate the best things of life.Send SMS
  8. You are the best thing to happen to me. I’ll never do anything to break your faith.Send SMS
  9. No matter how far apart we are you’ll always be close to my heart. I want to let you know that I’ll never let you go. Don’t worry, my love. We’ll soon be together.Send SMS
  10. Near or far
    No matter where you are,
    We will always stay together,
    That’s my promise to you, my dear!Send SMS

  11. Man’s biggest treasure is a friend who is honest and faithful.Send SMS
  12. May God gift you with a heart that will remain faithful to His causes and friends who will remain faithful to you.Send SMS
  13. Always remain faithful to your inner self. If you know thyself from within you’ll not succumb to any kind of flattery.Send SMS

Take a look around to find inspiration for writing faithful messages. You can send these messages to the person you love, assuring them of your loyalty; or, to someone who you want to motivate. You’d be surprised to see what wonder faithful messages can do for you.


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