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Dating Messages

Dating is the first step towards building a successful romantic relation. It is the phase when people meet each other to evaluate their compatibility quotient and to decide whether or not they can look forward to have a stable relation in the future. However, often the difficulties arise when you have to approach the person you like and ask him/her to go out on a date.

Finding a date isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although some people are lucky in finding dates but for others it is a learned art. To succeed in dating you have to learn to use the right pick-up line.
Dating messages hence can help you in sending an interesting invitation to the other person. Now, if you too want to send irresistible pick-up lines to your loved one check out the following collection of dating messages.


Dating SMS

  1. Hello, I am (name) and I was attracted to you since the first day I saw you in school. I’d like to have the opportunity to know you better.
    Would you be interested in going out with me? Waiting for your reply.Send SMS

  2. Hello, hope you remember me from last evening’s ball. I have been thinking of you since then. Would you honor me by going out on a dinner with me this weekend? Please let me know. (Name)Send SMS

  3. Hello Lily, I can accuse you of stealing my heart. If you don’t want the police to turn up at your doorstep then meet me in front of the ice-cream parlor down the street. PaulSend SMS

  4. Hi! This is to warn you that a warrant has been issued against you for stealing my heart. This is not the time to hide but to come in clear and accept your crime. You have the chance till today evening to decide whether you want to go to jail or want to become mine forever.Send SMS

  5. If you are reading this message, then you care for me.
    If you ignore then you miss me.
    If you save then you desire me.
    If you reply then you wish me,
    If you delete then you love me.
    Now, the decision is yours.
    Send SMS

  6. I only send messages to one who’s close, loving or caring. I am texting you because you are all.
    Send SMS

  7. It is not a special day. There is no occasion to text you. But I am messaging you because I Remember You Always!Send SMS

  8. Even if there is no call or message from you. I will always remember you and love you.Send SMS

Depending upon the state of your relationship you may have to frame your message. Depending upon your chemistry you can be flirty as well as naughty. At an advanced stage of your relation you may also send intimate messages to your partner.

However, maintaining the formal tone for the message is ideal if you are sending the message for the first time. Send flirty dating messages to your partner. Your message must arouse her interest. 


Hence, it is important to frame your messages carefully. Take time in thinking about the best things in her. Girls love flattery and telling something nice about them will always improve your chances for successful dating. Unleash your imagination and allow it to ride the best part of you to create your very own dating messages.



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