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Betrayal Messages

Sometimes life doesn’t take the course we intend it to take. Often in such situations we have to deal with betrayal and broken heart. These are the most difficult time of our lives. We lose hope on ourselves and also on others. We stop believing in good things and spend time in pondering on what went wrong.

It is hard to deal with betrayal in a friendship or love. Nonetheless, we need to lick our wounds and prepare ourselves for the new phase of life. Betrayal messages and jokes will let you vent your frustration and at the same time will help you look at the brighter side of life.

If you too are finding yourself dealing with the hard time, take a look at the following collection of betrayal messages. You can send these to the person who have betrayed you and can also send those to friends who are suffering from broken heart to lift up their moods.

Betrayal SMS

  1. Betrayal is worse than death. The death delivers what it promises. But betrayal is cruel slaughter of hope. Send SMS

  2. Noting comes free,
    If you have betrayed me,
    The time will turn,
    When you’ll be betrayed by someone.
    Send SMS

  3. If someone has betrayed you for the first time it’s their fault but if you let it happen again then the fault is yours. Send SMS

  4. My heart aches at your thoughts,
    But I have told it not to beat for you,
    My tears fall for you,
    But I have told them
    Not to come to my eyes anymore.
    Send SMS

  5. All I wanted from you was love. I guess it was too much to ask from a person who has no heart. Send SMS

  6. I craved for you,
    And I cried,
    I loved you,
    But you lied.
    Send SMS

  7. I can’t say I am unhappy that you have left me. Rather, I think that the God has finally given me a fair chance. Send SMS

  8. When betrayal is unexpected it doesn’t hurt but it hurts when it comes expected. Send SMS

  9. Being betrayed is the worst feeling in the world. It can make you feel like a loser even when you are at the top of the world. Send SMS

  10. When you left me I felt so bad and used. But now I have learned to ignore the feeling of abundance. I have learned to ignore you. Send SMS

Betrayal messages will help you forget about the pain that comes along with the act of betrayal. It let you deal with the feelings of abundance; teaches you to look at the bright side of life.

It let you learn the message of moving on in life. You can draw inspiration from the betrayal messages to write your very own. You must understand the world doesn’t stop rotating with a betrayal but you must consider it as another opportunity that life has given you.


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