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Apology Messages

At times there may arise a situation when our action may hurt the feelings of our loved one. But as fast as we realize our mistake we take the initiative to correct the situation and win back their heart. Sending apology messages is the humble way to let the other person know that you are really sorry for your behavior and is willing to make amends.

Sometimes we may say or do things that we don’t intent to. Our behavior sometimes may not find the consent of our loved ones. These can lead to rifts within relations. If you feel that what you have done isn’t right and you unknowingly have hurt the feelings of your closed one then swallow your pride and seek apology.

The apology message must convey your heart felt remorse. They can be emotional as well as straight forward depending upon the depth of your relation. If you think that there is a scope for explanation in your apology message then present it in clear words without ambiguities.

Sorry Love SMS Messages

  1. If I were an official and you were my boss, here's a mail I'd write to you:
    My Dear Boss, This is to request you to forgive me for the abhorrent things I did, for which you were utterly hurt. Yours sincerely Lover.
    Send SMS

  2. I know that what I have done is wrong,
    I have broken your trust,
    And, have hurt you heart.
    But, can I ask you to put things behind?
    Start over again and play a new song.  Send SMS

  3. The things that have been spoken between us
    Words that have remained unheard,
    Differences that were never mend,
    Can we put them behind and start over again?  Send SMS

  4. I don’t think that I am good enough with words to express how I feel for the things that I have done. I did what I did and I don’t have the ability to go back in time to repair the damages I have caused. But I can assure you that it wasn’t intentional. My love, can I ask for your forgiveness?  Send SMS

  5. I know that what I have done isn’t easy to forgive but you always have been a better person than I am. I pledge to your better part to forgive me.  Send SMS
  1. I know you are angry,
    I know what I have put you through,
    I have broken your heart,
    And I have turned it blue.
    But my heart wept every moment
    Since I have left you.  Send SMS

  2. I know I can’t ask for much. But would it be too much for you to forgive me and come back to my life?  Send SMS

  3. I was granted 1 wish by the God and I have asked for your forgiveness. Please forgive me.
     Send SMS

  4. Knowing that you are wrong is the first step towards rebuilding a relation. I want you to know that I have taken the first step by saying ‘I am sorry!’  Send SMS

  5. I know you're mad and I cannot stress how sorry I am. But I also know that in this mad face of yours there's still care and love for me.  Send SMS

At times we are too proud to recognize our mistakes or too afraid to accept our faults. But not apologizing can cause us lose the precious relation. Don’t hesitate to ask forgiveness when you are sorry. Say it with an apology messages. Just pour your heart out on it and if the person loves you he/she will understand your feelings.


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