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Affection Messages

Affection may have many forms. It is not restricted only between lovers but it can also be shown by the parents to their wards, between friends, between grandparents and grandchildren and so on and so forth. Affection messages are the words of love which will tell the other person just how special they are for you and how much you care for them. Sending some words of affection never hurt. Rather, they will help in strengthening the bond between two people and enforce the relation. One needs no occasion to send words of affection.


Those can be sent on birthdays, anniversaries, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even on a normal day. If you too have found the need to send words of affection to the person precious to you following is a collection of affection messages to help you find inspiration.

Affection SMS


  1. I have heard that life is the story of which God is the author. I am thankful to him for writing it so wonderfully and bringing you to my life. Hope you'll stay with me till he writes the last page.
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  2. If life is a journey and memories are the stations we have crossed then I want you to know, Granny, the time that I have spent with you are the best memories of my life.  Send SMS

  3. Come what may my love and affection for you will remain unchanged.  Send SMS

  4. The greatest gift that God has given me is the heart so full of love for you.  Send SMS

  5. My sweet, my love,
    You’re my turtle dove,
    Come what may,
    I’ll love you everyday.
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  6. Ever since you were born,
    I have come to see the world in new light.
    You are the angle I have always wished for.
    Thank you, for being my darling daughter.
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  7. Flowers may wither in a day,
    Sun may set in the sea,
    Never let the gloom touch your soul,
    Never stop loving thee.
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  8. The God created man with the ability to take up the challenges. If you lose heart at the face of despair you are actually undermining God’s faith on you.
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