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Teenage Love Relationship - What to Do If You're a Teen In Love

You know these feelings are special. Every time you lay eyes on that special someone, your heart skips a beat. You find excuses to be around them during or after school. They seem so smart, funny, beautiful and kind—the best person you’ve ever met. You know you’re ready now, but how do you start a real relationship?

Learn About Them

The way people seem on the surface and the way they actually behave are two very different things. Observe your crush and see how they treat others. If he or she is always putting other people down, there’s no reason that they won’t treat you that way, too. If he or she has a reputation for cheating on previous boyfriends or girlfriends, then remember that you won’t be immune to it, either. It’s easier and better to find someone you really connect with than to try and change someone into who you think they should be.

Look Inside Yourself

Examine your reasons for wanting to be with him/her, and be brutally honest with yourself. Are you going after this relationship because you want to feel mature? Would it be just to get a reaction from your parents? Are you doing it out of competition with your friends? Or is it because you really and truly like this person? There are countless reasons why one might choose to initiate a relationship with somebody else, but not all of them are good. Getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons will lead to nothing but pain down the road – and the person to suffer the most will be you.

Make Friends First

Becoming friends with your crush is a great way to get to know them before you embark on a romantic relationship. It’s probably the best way to find out if they’re interested in you, as well. Also, for the long term, it’s good to find out how well they get along with your other friends. Your group of friends will be able to see this person without the rose-colored glasses you may be wearing, and if you’re about to make a mistake, it might convince you to think twice. On the other hand, if your friends love this person, it bodes really well for your future together!

Let Things Develop Slowly

Once you’ve spent a little time around your crush and feel that you know them better, if you still feel the same way you did when you first saw them, then it’s time to take things up a notch. Don’t come on too strong, of course, as this might intimidate them. Follow your instincts. Tease and flirt with them, and if they respond, slowly make things more serious. There’s no shame in taking your time here. The longer the two of you wait, the more satisfying the relationship will ultimately be.

Spend Time Together

This seems like a no-brainer, but teens like to hang out in groups all day long, and it can sometimes be hard for you and your crush to get time away from your friends. Being alone together is the only way you’ll really get to know this person, so set specific dates when the two of you can go out without any distractions. And turn off your phone! Nothing will ruin the mood more than 600 texts from your friends asking you whether you’ve kissed yet.


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