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Romantic Relationship: Romance vs Relationship vs Love

Romance relationship love, to be precise is three different terms which can imply three different meanings or even the same meaning at the same time. .

The difference between romance, relationship and love is that the difference between fun and seriousness. Romance on one hand mostly indicates fun and frolic at the initial stages and love and relationship comes at a later stage of romance when the partners are comparatively serious about their involvement. The term romance has more of an element of innocence and immaturity tagged on to it, while relationship and love have to go by a more serious note offering a sense of responsibility and togetherness from the part of both the partners.

Love is in fact the aspect due to which romance culminates into a relationship. Love is something which can't be determined or measured by anyone.

It can be felt; when you want to spend your life with a person despite his positive and negative aspects, you do justice to the feeling of love.

The feeling of romance blossoms into the flower of love, finally leading to the seriousness of relationships where there is no room for games and misunderstandings. In a relationship one has to love and commit selflessly to one's lover. In a relationship the element of compatibility plays a key role to provide a stable platform for the relationship to mature and flourish.

Both the partners need to understand their needs and requirements and should share the same mental platform as mental and emotional compatibility is important in a relationship to sustain itself. Both the partners need to give space to share their thoughts with each other, as without that they will have a higher chance of drifting away from each other. Another important aspect in a relationship is to spend time with each other.

That helps to build up a strong relationship between the partners and they gradually get to know each other better and take to understanding each others thought process better. The final and ultimate aspect in a relationship is supporting each other.

Even if both the partners are poles apart, despite the differences in their mentalities and emotional needs the relation attains a stronger base on the grounds of support and togetherness between the partners. In a relationship a supportive partner is an essential element of consideration and the journey of romance and love becomes more comfortable and easy with a compatible and supportive partner by one's side.

Romance often demands mutual recognition, innocence and fun from the part to lovers. But responsibility should be overlooked in a romantic relationship. Romance can't remain static at one point between two people, but it has to either lead to a relationship or it has to end in nothing or at least in friendship in some cases. A relationship can't take off between two individuals without the impetus of romance which opens up a new vista of interactions and involvements for the singles today. Romance always imparts the fragrance of innocence and light fun among people who are dying to explore the new avenues of love and want to know more about the other people around them.

Finally to conclude on the grounds of our understanding of romance relationship and love it's indicative of the fact that all the aspects that go into the making of a relationship are indispensable and play an important role to lead the lovers to the path of maturity and having a better understanding of life.

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