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How to Propose A Girl: 5 Steps

Of course it’s nerve-wracking to pop the question, but if you’ve been lying awake thinking about how to do it, it’s probably just a sign that you’re truly ready for that next step! Think of this as an exciting time, one where you and your girlfriend will embark on a journey that will last for the rest of your lives. Don’t worry about your girlfriend judging you—she loves you, after all—and just focus on how to make your marriage proposal as sweet as it can possibly be.

1. Pick the Right Time

First of all, you need to know for certain that you’re at the right point in your relationship to be proposing. A marriage proposal is not a magic salve that will fix any serious disagreements between you and your girlfriend. Don’t pick a time when she is under a lot of stress, or when either of you is going through a serious rough patch in life. You both must be absolutely convinced that you truly want to spend the rest of your lives together.

2. Stay True to Yourself

It seems tempting to try and impress your girlfriend with a flashy proposal, but keep in mind that she loves you for you! Proposing to her in a way that comes from deep within your heart, rather than attempting to dazzle her with a contrived situation, is what will really win her over. You want the proposal to reflect all the things that are real and wonderful about your relationship.

3. Bring the Romance

Although you want your proposal to be genuine, it’s also going to be one of the most romantic things you ever do, so it’s a great idea to play that up. A lot of the traditional techniques are still winners: a romantic restaurant, classical music, getting down on one knee. Other people think it’s more romantic to announce their proposal during a public event like a sports game. Whatever sounds the best to you, be sure to plan ahead so that the moment won’t be interrupted.

4. Consider Her Feelings

Your girlfriend might be quiet and shy, in which case she might be mortified if you proposed to her with a huge song and dance. Similarly, if she doesn’t like sports, proposing during a ball game would reflect more on your interests and not hers. Give a moment of thought to what she would really enjoy the most. If you propose to her when the time is right, it will be far more likely that she’ll cherish the memory forever.

5. Make It Special

If you and your girlfriend share many interests, now is your chance to create a proposal plan that’s tailored to your strengths as a couple. People are getting more and more creative with their proposals these days, and everyone is sure to remember it if you propose to your girlfriend in a quirky way that shows off your individuality. Or, if you think a traditional approach would be more appropriate, you can simply change a few of the details so that it subtly reflects you and your partner’s personalities. Go with what your heart tells you is right, and a proposal really can be that perfect golden moment in both your lives.

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