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Obsessive Love Relationship

The relationship of love has different dimensions to it. Obsessive love relationship is probably the worst manifestation of the feeling of love or when you mistake obsession for love.


Mydearvalentine provides information on obsessive love relationship to help you deal better with your relationship issues. The emotion of love needs recognition but it can't be forced down someone's throat.


At times people who are obsessed with their feelings tend to consider their obsession towards their object of desire as their love. Obsession is a state of mental and clinical disorder due to which people get highly self-centered and feel rather insecure towards the other person.

They would rather attempt at tying down the other person instead of understanding their emotions and needs. In case of non-reciprocation from the other side the obsessed person is more hell bent on compelling and getting attention from the object of his obsession.


In cases of complete mental illness the patient mostly complains of hallucinating about vulgar and disgusting images of the person they are obsessed with.

This somehow increases their tendencies to get more possessed by the thoughts of the person they desire. Though in this kind of obsession towards a person the element of compulsion is nominal but most mental victims tend to compulsively think about the person of their desire.

In most cases the obsessed people love to either harm the other person physically or mentally. The obsessed person desperately wants to make his or her presence felt in the other person's life by physical abuse.


Regarding mental harassments the obsessed person wants the other person to be deliberately scared of him and to always remain in a state of perpetual fright and trauma as they derive some sadistic pleasure.

It goes without saying that they feel greatly powerful when they see their victim panicking with fear and traumatized to the core. These obsessed lovers who forcefully want to get attention probably do this out of some insecurity manifested by a troubled childhood or rejections in previous relationships.


They are always scared of loosing and so they tend to come down more forcefully on the person of their love or desire. They want to hold on to that one person by hook or by crook and in the process they scare of that person who feels highly suffocated amidst so much of forceful enforcements from the other side.

Even at times the mentally obsessed lover does not want to come to terms with the truth after a break up has taken place. In that case it's advisable for them to seek medical help and try to get a hold of the reality in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Mydearvalentine.com offers detailed account about the obsessive love relationship.

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