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Marriage and Relationships

The realm of love and romance attains its point of beauty and recognition with the culmination of the relationship in marriage. Mydearvalentine offers detailed accounts about the various aspects of marriage relationship to guide you along a smooth marriage relationship with your beloved.

Marriages are made in heaven, so goes the saying. It's just the beginning of a new phase in one's life when they begin the journey of merriment and togetherness. Couples vow to stay together for all eternity.


Carrying on with a marriage relationship is a challenging yet a good learning experience for the couples as the institution of marriage teaches them something or the other at every moment in their married life.

Marriage doesn't only imply having fun and making each other happy all the way, it also symbolizes the responsibilities that come along with the marital bond.The norms of any relationship demand understanding and consideration. But marriage demands a lot more than togetherness as it also implies sharing of responsibilities and decisions.

The institution of marriage signifies sharing of life and decisions jointly and taking responsibilities in complete harmony with the circumstances at any given time.


While you are into just a love relationship you can't really claim enough authority on each other's life and decision but the marital bond provides you with that license and authority to share decisions and to advice each other on different issues if need be.

Contrary to the practices in erstwhile societies the present societies adhere to the rules and norms of equality between the partners. They take decisions and responsibilities together while at the same time are naturally entitled to face the consequences of their decisions together.


Previously in a marriage men were vested with all the autonomy and authority to take decisions and execute them likewise, while women were mostly confined to the four walls of the house or rather left to slave away in the kitchen. But with changing times women are now striding up the social ladder.

At present, even the norms of marriage are changing with women proving their mettle both as home makers and decision makers in unison. Women in various fields of life and marriage have proved to be equally prudent executives of decision makers and as per the present day situations are concerned, the combined efforts of both the partners help to make the institution of marriage a major success in some cases and a fatal failure in a few others.

Transparency is an essential part and parcel of the institution of marriage and renders a smooth and strong platform for the relation to flourish between two people who are supposed to give equal love and respect to each other in a marriage.


If one of the partners tends to keep secrets from their spouse, then it may affect the firm base of the relationship that the couple shares. Even the other partner should be considerate towards their spouse so that their spouse finds it equally comfortable to share their thoughts and experiences.

On the contrary, if one of the partners is highly insensitive and aggressive, then it gradually leads to the other person shying away from being transparent with his/her spouse. On a serious note it's equally important for both the partners to be able to sort out their differences and to keep their egos aside while they are into a serious relationship with each other.


Marriage is all about adjustments and togetherness without which no relationship is complete and at the same time it teaches both the partners to know about each other's choices and tastes. Finally 25 years down the line and being still with the same person proves the success story behind marriage relationships.


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