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How to have a Better Relationship with your Lover : 5 Steps

Men and women might sometimes seem as though they come from different planets, but buying into this fallacy and giving up will only make it more difficult for you to communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s actually much more possible than it seems for a man and a woman to know one another’s minds inside and out. These tips are the basics of how to achieve that perfect state of communication with your lover.

Be open at all times. The first step in good communication is listening. Never act without thinking, and never speak without taking a moment to consider your words. Your partner will be sending you signals constantly that will clue you in to how they’re feeling; all you need to do is be receptive. Observe them and learn how their behavior subtly changes when they are in different moods. This will give you a baseline of information that you can use to communicate better.

Develop self-awareness. Just as you become more aware of your lover’s behavior, you must also become more aware of your own. In any situation, most of us react without thinking, but if we could see how we are really behaving we might decide to make changes. The little things you do and say will all be affecting your partner, so be on the lookout in case something you do is the source of communication problems.

Recognize the patterns. For most couples who fight, their arguments almost always follow the same pattern every time. Someone does or says a certain thing, the other person reacts badly, and things spin out of control. Learning to catch this process in the early stages is the key to cutting it off at the source. When you see that you and your partner are falling into a familiar pattern, react in a different way than usual so that you can throw it off.

Respect their feelings. Different individuals have different ways of dealing with their emotions. Remember that it’s your differences that give you your strength as a couple, and respect your partner when they react to something in a way that you wouldn’t. If you like to talk through a problem, for example, and your partner prefers to think quietly about it, give them some time to do so. This does not mean that you must put your own needs on the back burner, but your partner will be far more open and willing to communicate if they feel that you are not judging them.

Express yourself honestly. Even if your boyfriend or girlfriend has a mysterious nature and can be difficult to read, that doesn’t mean that you have to clam up as well! You need to make sure that your partner understands you in order for the two of you to communicate well. Don’t couch your feelings in vague hints or passive-aggression, but instead, state your preferences openly. You might be surprised how easy it will be for your partner to satisfy you once you let them know exactly what you want!


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