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Love Marriage

Love is the most beautiful feeling that has been created by God and those who have true love in their life are the most fortunate people in this world. Those people are truly the blessed children of God, who are lucky enough to have that special person of their life, without whom their life is incomplete as their spouse. The Love Marriage Relationship adverts to the relationship of love that exists between married couples.

For a relationship to last long or to survive till the last, one should give importance to the feeling of love, as without love there can be no relationship . It should be noted that a Love Marriage Relationship is based on the foundation of belief and trust.

Marriage is the most important event in the life of man or a woman and people make the best of their efforts to make their marriage work. It would be better to say that a couple leaves no stones unturned to have a successful marital relationship.

It often happens that after a few years of marriage, the couples take each other for granted and gets so involved with their professional life that in no time their relationship goes stale. To imbibe the freshness of love and back into their life one must find time to reinvent their passion for each other. Therefore to make a Love Marriage Relationship work make use of the slightest opportunity that you get to express you gratitude to your lover or make her/him special in your own way.

Marriage is a union of two hearts. You usually decide to get married after you have fallen in love with your partner. There are times you are not sure whether your marriage will work or be a happy one. You have to be confident about yourself and also keep faith in your partner. Love Marriages have a story of their own. It is interesting to know how you both met and developed the thing called "love" and the courtship period before marriage.

The Concept of Love Marriage is about tying a knot after realizing the mutual admiration, attraction and affection. The decision of getting married is taken by you and your partner after a lot of thinking and discussions.

A marriage without love is unthinkable, yet there are countries where the concept of arrange marriage is prevalent. If you take the example of India, the parents generally oppose the concept of their child choosing their life partner. Nowadays, the young people are breaking the norms and opting for Love Marriages.

There are many Aspects of Love Marriage. You can make your love marriage successful if you follow few aspects of love. You should not neglect your partner after marriage. When you are in a love marriage, you need to nurture your relation with your better half. Just because you have known your partner before marriage, does not mean that you know every aspect of your partner. Try and understand your partner's need and requirement. Do not think that life after marriage will be same as it was before it. In a love marriage you need enough love, patience and effort to grow properly. Everyday of marriage is a new day. You have to work for your marriage.

In case of Love Marriage you do not face the initial awkwardness and you are aware of your partner's liking and disliking. As you are aware of your partner, you do not have to pretend. Since a love marriage is a marriage of choice, it can last as long as there is the bond of love between the couple. There is no pressure to be in love with your partner because your love already exists. It existed before marriage and also after marriage.

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