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Love 20-20: The ball is in her court

She Will Make You Dance On her Tunes

There was a time when girls use to feel inferior in a relationship and boys use take advantages of their true emotions. Every fight caused more heartache to a girl than a boy as he took her for granted always. However, times have changed and all these things are now basking in the glory of the past. All thanks to this new improved attitude of women. Girls today, are confident, emotionally sound and Independent. They don't crib anymore over relationship failure and breakups.


So what exactly has changed?

  • There is no room for Surplus Emotions: Gone are the days when girls use to fill the entire bucket with tears just because of a small argument with boyfriend. A breakup use to put a fullstop to their lives. But not anymore, girls now have become smart and they have learnt a lot with the past experiences of people. So, nobody believes in investing too much emotions for a person who is not worth it.

  • The change
    : She just stopped being an emotional fool
  • Girls know their worth: Why would she spend her life with someone who doesn't acknowledges her presence. Guys must get aware of the fact that she is not interested in wasting the precious moments of her life. So, if you have made commitments to her, stick to your words. Otherwise, she can easily find a person who cares for her genuinely.

  • The change
    : She got the reality check.
  • Either marry her or just stay away:If you think you can have fun with her for an year or so by making false promises of wedding, you are sadly mistaken. Today’s girl is very much clear about what she wants and her family is broadminded enough to support her. So, guys cannot even think about messing up her life.

  • The change
    : She got her facts right.
  • You think you have other dating options? So does she: Most of the guys consider themselves as cool dudes and they have a certain mindset about girls. But do they know that she doesn't cares anymore? Yeah, thats right. She will love only till the time you love her genuinely. Post that, she will not give a damn. So, dont even think of messing up with her.

  • What changed
    : She doesn't cares anymore.
  • She knows where to draw the line: You think you can take as many advantages as you can? Well, it is untrue. She knows her limits very well and there is no chance that she will ever allow him to cross the line. Its the dignity and respect that matters the most to her.

What changed
: Don’t even think of taking advantages from her. These are some visible changes that one cans sense over the time and it is advisable to all the guys out there, that they should not mess with her.

Meanwhile, there are some important tips for guys on how they should her with reverence:

  1. Make up your mind before getting indulged into a serious relationship with her.
  2. Even if you want to have fun, make sure the feeling is mutual.
  3. Tell her what you exactly feel about her.
  4. Don’t you ever take her for granted. If you have options, she can give you a tough competition for the same.
  5. Beware! she might already be knowing what's cooking your mind.
So guys, try and follow these tips and life will become a better place for you all.