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Questions for Couples to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Alive

There are some typical questions for long distance relationship couples, which the love birds ask each other during their separation and longing. Is the love of your life miles away from you? You must understand the pangs and agony of a long distance relationship. Couples have nothing to do but to chat online, write emails, or wait for the cell phones to ring.

In a long distance relationship, there are many means, through which you can communicate with your loved one. Earlier it was only though letters and phone, people in love talk and share thoughts with each other. Now with the advancement of technology and internet, the ways of communication have become faster than ever. You can browse internet, chat, and see your partner, even though he/she is sitting in another geographical area.

In a long distance relationship, lovers tend to become insecure. The long distance couples often question themselves about their love for each other and at the same time about their bonding and connection for each other. They want to hear that their lover still loves him or her and he or she is still loyal to the love of their life. For this reason, they always ask their lover some questions, when they maintain a long distance relationship.

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands questions that are asked in long distance relationships and most of them are related to their insecurity and concern for their near and dear ones. Many times, the questions are rooted from a deep concern about the person you love. Apart from that, the lovers also question in order to stretch the communication and conversation. Given below are some questions that you can ask your long distance lover.


  1. Are you missing me?
  2. Do you know what it is today?
  3. Do you still remember about our first date?
  4. Do you remember where we first met?
  5. What can you do to flame up the romance in our life?
  6. Did you see me in your dreams?
  7. What is that one thing you love so much about me?
  8. I hope, you are not seeing any other girl, do you?
  9. When you will marry me?
  10. Would you like to stay with me forever?
  11. Don't you want to see me happy?
  12. Am I disturbing you?
  13. I am falling in love with you everyday… are you too?
  14. How can we keep the romance alive in a long distance relationship?
  15. Are you serious about the relationship?
  16. What you love most about me?
  17. Which song reminds you of me?
  18. What is the best memory of yours with me?
  19. When you need your time alone, what is the best way for me to know this?
  20. Do you read my emails regularly?

These are the questions for long distance relationship couples, which are being asked most commonly by the love birds. Long distance relationship couples often look for small chances to get into a conversation. These questions will help you to start a really good and romantic conversation with your love flame.