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How to stay connected in a Long Distance Relationship

Whether you are the man or the woman in a long distance relationship, dealing with it can be tough at times. How to stay connected in a long distance relationship is something you must know very well, so that you can sustain the relationship for a long time. The fact that you will get to see your partner only once in a while, can begin to take a toll on you, so it is all the more important to use various means and stay connected with them always. Both the partners must put in equal amounts of efforts to ensure the spark in their relationship remains alive.

Career, school and family are some of the few reasons why a person may have to be in a long distance relationship. In a long distance relationship you may not be with your partner to whisper sweet nothings into his or her ear, but you can always do so through the telephone. Here are some ways to stay connected and sustain a long distance relationship:

Express yourself
Telling your partner about how feel for him/her and about the relationship is very important. Use whatever means you are comfortable for this, whether it is handwritten letters, emails, telephone or cards. Before both of you begin the relationship, decide the rules of the relationship. This can include the means of communication, the frequency of communication and the frequency of travel that both of you will undertake to meet up from time to time.

Share small things
Phone bills are no longer expensive these days. So, share the smallest detail with your partner; discuss about your whole day. Even if you have seen a cute kid on your way to work, talk about it. Some of the other things, which you can discuss include talks your work, meeting, neighbors etc. Since you do not meet regularly make sure you tell her everything, so that whenever you feel like sharing something, your partner will easily understand, without you having to explain anything.

Write emails
Many people prefer to write lengthy emails to their partner. You can choose your own time and write a mail to your partner. While talking over the phone, things can skip from your mind, but when you write a mail there are lots of things you can include. Your partner will appreciate even the smallest bit of information that you can provide.

Long distance date
This may sound unrealistic to some people, but you can actually do it and enjoy the experience; it is sure to be a memorable one. Set a date and time to watch a movie, it can be the latest blockbuster at the box office or a film that both of you are looking forward to see. After watching the movie, call up your partner and discuss your experience.

There are lots of ways in which you can keep in touch in a long distance relationship. Both of you must put in equal amounts of effort and make sure that it becomes an effective, two way communication. The couple involved here, will have to think of ways in which they will be comfortable communicating with each other.