Do's and Dont's of Long Distance Relationships

The flavor of distance while in a relationship is something that every other couple in the world had to face even at least once in their life. Making a long distance relationship work is definitely a challenge but never impossible. You just need to keep up that faith and trust in the one you love along with some do's and dont's of long distance relationship. Like every other relationship, a long distance relationship also works on certain pillars of do's and dont's. While for some couple, the long distance affair is a cakewalk, for some it is challenging as hell. However, you need to pull the distance away from the relationship with some simple tips for working a long distance relationship.

Advice for a Long Distance Relationship

Let us have a look at some of the do's and Dont's of a long distance relationship.


Dos of a Long Distance Relationship


  1. Establish an effective communication channel: Establish a channel of communication after all, its communication that keeps the flame of romance and love alive in a relationship. Take help of the instant messengers, emails, VOIP phone, emails, apart from the conventional telephone calls to keep the love burning in the relationship.
  2. Surprise your partner: An excellent trick for making a long distance relationship work is to planning surprises for your love. Send him/her surprise gifts, plan an impromptu visit to his/here place to keep up the spice in a relationship. Surprises always works wonder in making it work the right way.
  3. Trust your Partner: A very important thing for a long distance relationship to work is to trust your partner completely. It is always tough to deal with the separation and then keep the trust alive. However, what you need to know is, you can never trust him without loving him/her. Therefore, trust him/her to love him/her and make the relationship work.
  4. Plan to meet each other: Well, another trick of the trade that is sure to help a long distance relationship work. Meet each other whenever you get a chance, indulge in romanticism and keep the fire burning in love. Plan a surprise visit occasionally to bring back that lost touch of romanticism in your relationship.


Don't's of a Long Distance Relationship


  1. Take the relationship lightly: Another mistake that couples in a long distance relationship often do is to take their relationship for granted. Avoid dictating and manipulating the relationship in your own way. His or her absence does not give you the right to do so. Treat your partner fairly and consider his /her opinions at times. Shower him/her with all the attention that is deserved.
  2. Avoid the Suspicion: It is already said that the trust keeps the hope alive in a relationship. Do not let your mind be bitten by the suspicion bug because once bitten the bug will not leave you ever. There is absolutely no room for suspicion in a long distance relationship. Avoid being succumbed to negative thoughts and have an open mind. Keep up the free flowing attitude to make the affair work in a long distance.
  3. Wait and see attitude: In a long distance relationship there is nothing to wait for and see. You are not in a long distance to experiment your love or judge the strength of your bond. If you want it to work, make it work the right way and put in all your effort, love, and time in it. Most of the long distance relationships succumb to this attitude of waiting and seeing. You want it go ahead with it, you do not wish to take it forward, put a stop to it.
  4. Settle for a temporary replacement: Never ever make the mistake of settling for a temporary replacement when your boyfriend or girlfriend is not around. This if caught can completely shaken the trust in you and in the relationship. This is like putting your relationship at risk.


Separation is definitely of pain; fight the distance and make your long distance relationship work with simple do's and dont's of a long distance relationship.