Long Distance Relationship Advice: A Successful Way

Your special one is far away and you are worried if your relationship will last long. Looking for some good advice for a successful long distance relationship? You will find it all here.

Miles of separation

Managing a long distance relationship can be difficult at times. The miles of separation leave no space for physical intimacy and personal talks. There is no way you can see your love ‘in person'. You crave for the personal touch which is not there. That must also be the case with your romantic partner.

Carry the relationship forward

Do not let the distance be a spoiler in your relationship. You are in love with your partner. And both of you want to carry the relationship forward. Then carry it on. The success of your bond rests on the hands of both of you. Check out some simple tips for a successful long distance relationship. Making a long distance relationship work will not be a problem for you if you follow these basic tips.

How to make a successful long distance relationship

If you are scouting for advice for a successful long distance relationship, these tips will prove useful for you.

Meet often - Meet as often as you can. Arrange your schedule and budget to plan a perfect holiday with your partner now and then. It will help both of you spend some good time with each other. You will cherish these memories when you are away from each other. Looking forward to the good times will also keep your bond alive.

Communicate, real time - Where there is a will, there is a way. This is the cyber age and you can make full use of it to kill the distance between you two. Set up a webcam on both ends and have live chats over the internet. It will help you see each other and make the communication more lifelike. Even if that is not possible, you should converse with each other for long hours. It will help break the distance gap.

Do things together, simultaneously - Doing things together can add in a lot of fun to your relationship. Catching a TV show together at the same time and exchanging opinions about it on phone is a good idea.

Avoid being dominating - Do not try to control every aspect of your lover's life. It is a good idea not to interfere with your partner's interests, whom he/she meets or hangs out with etc. Everyone loves independence and being away from you is already keeping your partner in a state of denial. Straining the relationship like this can only ruin it altogether.

Write love letters - Yes, it may be old-fashioned. But it works great for lovers. If you have time constraints, you can e-mail your romantic feelings to your partner. But if you have time, it is preferable that send him/her handwritten love letters. Handwritten notes can make your feelings appear more personal. It will fill your partner with the sense that he/she is in love with a ‘real' person.

Finally, being patient is the best advice for a successful long distance relationship. Love conquers all. And that includes distance. Having patience in your heart will slowly but surely make your love succeed. And that will sweeten your bond when you find yourself together again.

Long Distance Relationship Tips for Lovers


These tips are mainly for the couples who are into a relationship but are yet to tie the knot or get engaged. Mostly the teen and the young lovers would fall into this category. If you are having a long distance relationship then the following suggestions would help you.

  1. Make sure that both of you are regular contact. With the advancement in communications technology staying touch in today's world is no more a problem. You have cell phones, mails, voice mails and the like. Therefore make sure that both of you speak at regular intervals.
  2. Have certain things well planned out. For instance, it is important to know that for how long your partner is going to be out of town, city or state. You need to have a clear idea on this. More than that what is the reason of the transfer, academic, professional, family or just a personal choice.
  3. Visit each other on vacations. Its okay of both of you take turns at paying a visit each other vacations and spend time with each other. No matter whatever be the issues, try and sort them out. When you meet focus on having a good time together and minimize your problems.
  4. Always voice up your issues despite the distance. Often couples in a long distance relationship gets afraid to speak up their mind thinking it will hamper the relation. It will only hamper if you do not address the issues that needs to be discussed and solved. Feel free to talk it out with your partner over mail or phone. You can also discuss it over the messenger.


Long Distance Relationship Tips for Married Couples


At times even when you are married or engaged you need to deal with a long distance relationship. It could be a sudden transfer or a shift of location owing to your partner's job. Even though you are married or engaged, you should take equal care of your bond and not take things for granted.

  1. Contact with each other is important. Hence, stay in touch by text, phone the messenger and communicate frequently.
  2. Try and figure out how long you have to be away and share the same with your partner.
  3. Make it a point to spend all the special occasions like Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversaries together. Make it a point to visit your partner on these days or see to it that he/she visits you.
  4. If the time is being stretched too far then one of you can shift base along with your partner for a while. You can be back again soon as it's convenient.

These would be some of the easy and best long distance relationship tips that you can follow.