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Long Distance Relationship

Every relationship is special, especially if it’s a long-distance relationship. However, every relationship has its upside and downside. While there’s a lingering grief of staying too far from your beloved, there’s some joy in anticipating a meeting in future. There’s a saying that short absence quickens love and long absence kills it. Just because you are not staying together, doesn’t mean the end of a relationship. MyDearValentine offers you an insight into a Long Distance Relationship and provides valuable tips on how to keep the beautiful relationship very much alive despite the distance between you two.

Some of the most significant aspects of long-distance relationships are discussed below.

Challenges that one needs to face while in such a relationship are:

  1. High level of trust, since the partners are away
  2. Absence of face- to- face reactions on issues close to heart
  3. Lack of scope for monitoring the behavior of the partner, thus leading to greater chances of manipulation (in case one of them is cheating on the other)
  4. Lack of physical contact
  5. Difference in timezones could also lead to conflict and loneliness as well as boredom

However, do not lose heart yet! There are numerous advantages of being in a long distance relationship as well.

  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and therefore less scope for taking each other for granted
  2. Better scopes of understanding each other from a distance, leading to better understanding of the other's nature and tastes
  3. Offering the necessary space to the relationship and the partners.

If one can make a healthy balance between the challenges and advantages related to the long distance relationships one can be sure of making it click and in a great way too. Mentioned below are a few of the handy tips that one can read through, in order to make a relationship work:

  1. Be in constant touch with each other and update yourself on the partners' daily routine for better connection
  2. Send messages, mails/ letters, cards and gifts whenever they are least expected, to create the necessary spice
  3. Organize for online gaming sessions and voice/ video chatting
  4. Organize for a surprise visit, whenever convenient to make the occasion all the more special.