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Is it Love or Infatuation ?

During several occasions, you often get confused whether you are really in love or have infatuation. If you are also going through such a phase then here are a few helpful tips. They would help you in distinguishing between love and infatuation.


Tips to Differentiate Between Love and Infatuation


  1. Growth rate is one of the major differences between love and infatuation. Love always takes considerable time for growing. On the other hand, infatuation grows instantly.
  2. When you are really in love with a person, you are ready to accept him/her with his/her faults. This is the real sign of love. On the other hand, the person is considered to be perfect and without any flaws. When flaws appear on the surface, it almost becomes impossible to accept them.
  3. When you truly love someone, he/she will be your center point. You will think only about him/her. Whereas, person is self centered during infatuation.
  4. If you are truly in love with a person then you will care about his/her feelings. You will always try to do something special for him/her.
  5. Two persons can infatuate you at the same time. During true love, your entire focus will be on that person. This is one of the major differences between true love and infatuation.
  6. Security and trust are the keywords of true love. Whereas, infatuation is incorporated with the feelings of jealousy.
  7. When two persons love truly then are ready to face challenges and problems. On the other hand, you will try to ignore the problem, if you are infatuated.
  8. Physical part is the key component in infatuation. Whereas, it just plays a part in true love.
  9. Endurance is another factor of love. On the other hand, change is one of the major features of infatuation.

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