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How to Have a Healthy Teen Relationship : 6 Steps

Healthy Relationships make our life more beautiful and add a joyous touch to it. One has to strive to hold on to a healthy relationship and if you succeed, then you would be a happy person. The relationship of love that a teen develops with his/her friend may not last till the end but the sweet memories last forever. This article chiefly concentrates on Healthy Teen Relationship.

As a boy/girl moves into the teenage group he/she comes across various problems and finds themselves in untold miseries. A teen boy/girl therefore seeks a friend who would help her/him to cope with the problems. So, it can said that the relationship of love that a teenager experiences is based on the foundation of friendship. Often it happens that a teenager mistakes infatuation for love and therefore the boundary that lies between infatuation and love becomes blurred for a teen boy/girl.

A Healthy Teen Relationship is pure and divine. To establish a Healthy Teen Relationship one can consider the factors that are given below:

  1. Try to build a friendly relation with your partner.
  2. After a few meetings try to get acquainted with his/her family.
  3. Go out for dates to know more about your lover.
  4. Try to avoid disputes.
  5. Respect each other's values.
  6. See to the fact, that whether your lover pays heed to your needs and desires.

Maintaning Healthy Relationship

The responsibility of Maintaining Healthy Relationship does not lie only on the shoulders of man or woman alone, but it is the duty of both the individuals involved in a relationship.

Given below are some tips on Maintaining Healthy Relationship, which are:

  1. Spending time with each other.
  2. Realizing your partner's shortcomings and boosting him/her in whatever he/she does.
  3. Having patience to listen to your lover's problems.
  4. Effective communication.
  5. If you realize that your relationship with your beloved has gone stale, then make efforts to re-kindle the passion of love.
  6. Keeping a positive attitude while discussing matters.
  7. Supporting each other in every sphere of life.
  8. If there is any difference of opinion then instead of arguing try to explain to your sweetheart your point of view.
  9. Understanding each other's needs.
  10. Trying to do the best of one's ability to fulfill each other's needs.

Signs of a healthy relationship

Given below are a few of the Signs Of A Healthy Relationship, which are:

  1. Feeling proud in each other's achievements and encouraging each other in whatever he/she does.
  2. Providing each other with support, strength and courage whenever one feels the need.
  3. Making the best efforts to please one another.
  4. Giving space to each other.
  5. Solving of differences or conflicts in a peaceful manner.
  6. Equal sharing of responsibilities.
  7. Understanding each other without much communication.
  8. Respecting each other's needs.
  9. Being able to talk freely with your partner.
  10. Conveying love for each other.
  11. Having trust in one another.
  12. Being honest towards each other.
  13. Enjoying good times together.
  14. Taking active part in each other's professional as well as personal life.
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