Courtship Guidelines and Rules

When love exists mutually and it is fortified by the expressions of care and tenderness only then you begin to feel a call towards courtship. Hey, but before you transcend that threshold of courtship remember these simple courtship rules. They will help you bloom in the relationship. Courtship is your best chance to win your mates heart and you can do so by being chivalrous and obliging. Good manners, admiration and a few simple courtship rules and those hands are yours forever.


  1. First and foremost one court at a time. It's not mandatory for all courtships to end with wedding. But it's essential to be honest and direct about your intents. Whether you want a long term relationship or not. Spell it out. Be honest to yourself and your mate. If confuse s, it's going to cause pain and problem for both the parties involved.
  2. Traditional view says man pursues the woman. He initiates the companionship, the "talk," he approaches his and the woman's parents for their blessing.
  3. Family's approval is vital. Courtship is a public affair practiced under parent's supervision. Generally, the man asks the woman's father for his approval before the courtship officially begins.
  4. The couples meet publicly. This averts the possibility of any sexual intimacy. The aim of courtship is to foster the ties on the level of friendship.
  5. Most importantly remember commitment precedes intimacy.


Courtship today has metamorphosed into a more flexible institution.


  1. Girls make the first move. The school of thought that advocated male's pursuing females no more prevails. Today in the era of equality a woman too take the lead and approach their man for dating.
  2. Dating is no more a family affair.


The modern connotation of courtship has gone beyond few traditional guidelines of courtship but the basic perception still exits. While courting you need to emphasize on friendship and commitment. Take a look at the following points which every man attempting to woo his lover must follow.

Courtship Guidelines


  1. Buy her flowers. Flowers never go wrong with expressions. Hearts are bound to melt with the mere sight of that colorful bunch of roses, orchid, carnation or lilac.
  2. A simple "Hi" every day shows you care. Your conversations need not to be too lengthy. But your calls will surely pass on your message of love to your beloved.
  3. Gift her, make her feel special and wanted. No expensive gifts but something that is unique and fun. Your gifts must convey the communicative enough to let your girl know she is on your mind 24*7.
  4. Write her a poem or a paragraph describing how she makes you feel. Words expressing your deepest emotions work like magic and they are bound to open your beloved's heart for you.
  5. Turn her wishes to realities. Prove your love to her by showcasing the limits you could cross for her.


Courtship leads to beautiful bonds when it revolves around the attributes like genuineness curiosity, tenderness and care. It's out there just to make the two people feel special with each other. One can make each moment of courtship worth cherishing by letting things fall into their right places naturally. Courtship has no place for coercion or manipulation or selling of one's self. Remember you want to be loved and true love can never survive with treachery. Follow the simple courtship rules and guidelines see for yourself how it transforms your weary existence into a colorful celebration.