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Courtship Questions

Courtship is not only about romance. It is also a time to discuss your future with your prospective partner. It is a time to pop up courtship questions to your expected spouse. It is a chance to find out if you can live happily with each other for ever.

Decide about your future

The background, social status, mental condition and views of the person you want to wed are highly important. It is these things that will make you decide about your future with him/her. Your courtship time questions will let you know much about your spouse-to-be. So it is very important that you know about the questions to ask during courtship.


Courtship Queries

Here are some of the most commons questions of courtship :

1.) Ask your intended spouse about his/her upbringing. Ask about the environment in which he/she grew up and his parents.

2.) Ask if your spouse is ready for marriage and having kids. Have clear discussion about the number of kids both of you want to have. Also ask when your spouse is ready to have children.

3.) Find out if your spouse-to-be follows a faith different from yourself. Discuss whether he/she has a problem with the religion you follow.

4.) Ask personal questions and try to know if your intended spouse has been a victim of physical abuse as a child. Was his/her father a wife beater? Enquire what he/she thinks about members of the opposite sex. It is one of the most important courtship questions.

5.) Ask your future spouse's expectations from you. Discuss what kind of a father/mother you are expected to be.

6.) Have a direct talk with your future spouse about the feelings of his her parents about you.

7.) Ask the person about his/her previous relationships. Discuss if he/she views you in the light of the earlier relationships.

8.) Find out if your intended spouse will be able to support you financially. This is especially to be considered if you are a woman.

9.) Discuss your spouse's relation with members of the opposite sex.

10.) Question whether he/she is committed to marriage or if the person is looking for flings outside marriage.

11.) Discuss about the number of relationships, and marriages, you had before meeting him/her. Ask your spouse-to-be if there is a problem.

12.)Clearly talk about whether your spouse is going to turn to his/her parents for the solution of every disagreement you have.

13.)Ask whether your spouse will be okay with your meeting with friends after marriage. If possible, introduce him/her to your buddies.

14.)Ask if your spouse expects you to change yourself to suit his/her life and status.

15.)Question his/her abilities to become a good father/mother to your children. Can your spouse guide your children to become successful citizens?

16.)If you are a single parent, clearly discuss about the status you want your child to enjoy in home. Ask him/her if that is okay?

A clear talk about your past and future can help you avoid frictions at a later stage of life. Hope these courtship questions will help you make the right decision about your future with partner.